Happy Birthday Dear Chicken


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my kids, and many others I guess, yell “'cha cha cha… Chinese chicken! Hiyay!!!” and do a Karate chop motion, every time after they sing happy birthday. The first time I heard it I was like, whoa, is that racist? Since then, I’ve calmed down. They all do it and laugh their butts off. No idea where they got that from or where it started.


One of my earliest memories, probably around 4, was watching a chick hatch. It took FOREVER. I wanted to help him so badly, but they said it had to break out on its own.


No, you sing Happy Birthday when he chick is one year old, and ready for the slaughter.


Closer to one month I thought…


What the hell do I know, I’m a city kid.


I just saw it in the Telly. Mind you I have eaten meat from several year old dairy cows (from the in laws’ farm) which is much older than animals bred for slaughter I believe and it’s perfectly good and not tough or anything.


When I was at junior school my chicken died while hatching. Thanks, boingboing, for making me relive my childhood traumas :frowning:


I think we’ll name this one “Dinner”.


Updated the post. Thanks!


SO CUTE! Seriously cute.

Now excuse me while I go over to the corner to weep with/for that school’s music teacher.


Hatchday not birthday.


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