Happy Birthday, Kurt Cobain

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Cobain would have been 56 today. I know this because today is also my birthday and I turned 56. We were born on the same day in the same year, but obviously led very different lives. I wish he could have found the help and support he needed.


Spoken like someone who clearly must not have lived through that era. While punk was already pretty old by the mid-80’s it was still cooler than hair metal. “Campy”? Yes. “Cool”? Nope, more like corny and foppy.


RIP, Kurt! You’re still missed very much!

That really depended on who was doing the defining of “cool”… the vast majority of people did not think punk was actually cool. There was a very strong anti-punk strain right through into the rise of Grunge as a mainstream phenomenon. Obviously, lots of people who participated in punk rock believed that they were cool and the hair-metal-heads were most certainly not, but the mainstream culture was much more on the side of the hair metal at the time. Now, I think most people would agree that the underground music scenes were the cool ones, but frankly, that’s just projectng onto the past.

Just a good reminder that perceptions are contextual.


Yeah, I guess…

throws ACME COOL-O-METRE in bin.

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It is what it is…

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