Happy FSM/Christmas/Holidays!


I am not the sentimental type, but I thought I would share a few things I enjoy (and others may as well) this time of year.

  • A Blackadder Christmas (Netflix)
  • Tamales
  • League of Gentlemen Christmas episode
  • Surprising punk music
  • Terrible holiday clothes and sincere hugs

Online communities are contentious, but I sincerely wish you all good fortune and well health.


Happy Winterval!


Felicitous Festivus!


A Christmas Story is always a classic…


The collective humour, sense-of-wonder and incisiveness here all tinged with just the right amount of snark and cynicism is just the antidote to the soul-crushing avalanche of bullshit that seems to accumulate at this time of year.

Ya’ll fucking rock. May all your problems this year be easily solved with a neat hack or persuaded to leave by a smart turn of phrase.


Happy FSM, you say?

Seen today just up the road from our house.


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