Happy Mutant congressman: if Bitcoin should be banned, why not dollar bills?

Parents in the depths of denial. It’s very tragic, poor woman. But really…

There is nothing I don’t love about the bitcoin saga. Satoshi seems like a brilliant man, if not a fan of people. Bitcoin itself is ingenious, and hilariously technically flawed, and just as the powers that be continue to misunderstand bitcoin in increasingly funny ways, the bitcoin fans have amusing ideas about the economy.

It’s not just cool technology, everything about it is hilarious.

I hope to widen the scope of possible intentions. A bit.

U.S. Dollar is printed with no foundation. It is supported through a theory of control. Never, I repeat, never has any fiat type currency ever lasted. It will inflate and die.

The talk for some new possibility is an obvious result. Qualitative Easing has not stopped and can’t at this point. Added thinking, if Russia pulls their monies along with china off the federal reserve due to War possibilities because Russia took back something they gave up a few years ago is ludicrous; we will have to create more than a digital alternative my friends.

That number ($15M) sounds high. I estimate ~$400K. Current difficulty gives 27.3Ph/s. If you assume 4w/Gh/s (which is, I believe the approximate efficiency of current Butterfly miners), and $0.15/KWh, and you further assume that my math is correct, you get ~$393,000/day. I’m skeptical that a large proportion of mining is being done with video cards at this point, though I could be wrong.

But canadians can’t ‘make it rain’ they can only ‘make it hail’ and that’s why I don’t trust canadian clubs or rappers.


You think it’s cool what goes on here in Canada,

But have you EVER tried to look gangster holding a stack of toonies with a $20 bill on the top?

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If you really want to look gangsta with Canadian money…

…well, a kind of Canadian money, anyway.

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It’s hard to look gangsa with Monopoly-colored money anyway… (which may be another good argument for the Canadian solution.)

Then again, bitcoins don’t make it rain or hail… I can’t even think of a weather phenomenon which would equate to a flood of bitcoins.

Weather reporting.

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But they’re still legal tender…although for the most part they’re worth more as collectors items than their nominal value.

DoS-attacks are like a hurricane, but you can’t see it and it’s lame.

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