Happy mutants day of ice cream: a proclamation


Untrue. No where does the proclamation specify what type, flavor or source of cream/milk one should use. Vegans can go all coconut or celery milk if that works.

Dr. Brown’s Cel-Rey Cream.


You could just look at it.


I’m willing to try



This being boingboing, I thought of this right off:

SPOILER: the ingredient is banana. No idea if that’s good for dogs and cats, but they can still look at it.







Don’t tell Spicer


Only if it’s a banana split.


In Trump’s America, cream means dairy, not some nazi hippy replacement. Make Ice Cream Great Again.

Also, happy birthday. I will go avail myself of some coconut frozen desert product. :slight_smile:


Can’t ignore a proclamation like that. So I’m having a Gaytime* to celebrate!

*Which are second only to Maxibons.


Reminds me of my childhood favorite (I’m sure that I would still like it).
Schwan’s Scooter Crunch Bar:

It was always a great day when the Schwan Man was coming…

If we were home, us kids would ask to see stuff like the crab legs and lobsters. If nobody was going to be home, ya would just leave your list on your unlocked door and the trusty ol’ Schwan man would place everything in the freezer for ya. (we would get some ice cream and frozen pizzas)
We usually didn’t get the Scooter bars, but I would get my fix at my friend’s house.




You need to eat less ice cream Charles, you’re getting fat.




What, no pupster love?

Happy birthday @jlw! Mind you, I had to force myself to have some ice cream to mark the day.

@jaf, there’s always yummy, yummy sorbet.


Happy birthday @jlw! One of the best ice creams I’ve ever had was at a “Science of Beer” exhibit. It was made by mixing liquid nitrogen and this:

Not for minors obviously but if Nemo can have some if he’s at least three.


Happy birthday, @jlw.:birthday: I’m leaving right now to go out and get a pint to help you celebrate!