Harding/Kerrigan: Twenty Years Ago


Do the internet a favor and never, ever, ever link anything on Bleacher Report.


Harding perhaps didn’t have to do any time over it, but I heard from some skaters I know in Portland that afterwards, Harding was working as an instructor/coach at the rink. Every time the hockey players would see her there, they were erupt into a gang-limp, shouting, “Why?”. (Yes, a bunch of rowdy young guys, of course.) I make no judgments about what was fair or unfair - but Harding definitely paid some prices behind that whole affair that never saw any press. The kind of thing one the others later tried to escape by changing their names or having their criminal records expunged. Harding herself can never escape it, any more than Kerrigan.

I had collected over 200 newspaper clippings relating to Nancy Kerrigan after Tonya Harding’s attack. I don’t know why exactly, but it really fascinated me. My mom threw them away when I left for the Army in '96. I wish I could’ve made some crazy collage with them.


♬ Once there was this girl who
Swore that one day she would be a figure skating champion
And when she finally made it
She saw some other girl who was better
And so she hired some guy to
Club her in the kneecap ♬

Mmm mmm mmm mmm, mmm mmm mmm mmm


I remember some 'zine suggesting that Tonya Harding was actually Eris, because of the way she (Harding) dealt with her adversaries and because of her strong, well-toned thighs. (Might have found it via Google but the website itself is blocked from where I currently sit.)

funkytaco, your fascination is understandable. The story had everything, Tonya and Nancy were players in class drama and moral pantomime all at once. They could not have been more perfectly cast. You’d dig this http://ryeberg.com/curated-videos/dreaming-of-tonya-harding/ which tells the story via a guy who had an erotic dream about Tonya Harding and then tried to figure out why.

Man, I’ve seen some weird bits of the internet, but I doff my hat, Sir…

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The hitman is surprisingly squeamish there. “No knife business.” Does he get sick at the sight of blood? It’s not like the assault charge would be different in either case.

This was probably it. (It’s from an archived BBS, but I am guessing that the 'zine review I’m remembering was referring to the same text, in print.)

Maybe she is ACTUALLY the most modern incarnation of ERIS herself. Maybe all those rough edges are there for a reason- maybe we should get down and WORSHIP someone who would beat the shit out of bad drivers with a tire-iron, do burlesque dances in a wedding dress, and marry psychopathic jerks. THAT’s someone who comes from the REAL world. Plus, she has a tight, muscular butt. Deification procedures are in progress.

EDIT: A couple of years later, when I first got online, it sounded like Heidi Klum was the new Eris incarnate. But I’m not aware of anything Klum specifically said or did, at least not on the level of Harding.

try this article. this seems a better and more rounded look at what happened

The Harding/Kerrigan affair was a new low for local media pandering. It was like a license to print money. The Oregonian newspaper was All Tonya, All The Time. They even printed and sold a book about it.

The local news was even worse. Usually, they might devote 3 minutes to a major news story, or 10 minutes for sports. Suddenly, TV news stations (cough KATU cough) were spending the first half hour of their hour-long 5:00 news on the story. They went so far as to buy plane seats next to Tonya when she travelled so that they could get an exclusive interview.

Due to the wall-to-wall coverage, the story got really old, really fast. About as old as the joke, “What does Tonya Harding like to do on weekends? She goes clubbing!”

A rounded look? Seriously? It makes it seem like Kerrigan only did well because the judges liked her. The article is basically just about Tonya Harding and how amazing she was and how mean the media were towards her (there is also the small bit where the author likens Peggy Fleming during a homecoming parade to Jackie Kennedy on the day JFK was murdered … no idea what to say about that).

It was fluff getting more attention than more pressing matters. Sad thing is, I remember all of those names as if I will ever have a use for them. If only studying for my exams had been so easy!

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So, we’re supposed to sympathize with the victimizer, because she is “also a victim?”

Where on earth did you get that idea?

Your comment, wherein you asked people to sympathize with Tonya Harding.

I most certainly did not! I merely pointed out that she has had (and probably still is) paying some major social prices for what she did. Imagine if every time you went in to work, you were met with loud jeers and public derision.

I specifically offered no judgment at all. I have an opinion, but didn’t say what it was. It’s what happened, that’s all.

Yes, criminals pay a price, social and otherwise, for the crimes they commit. Sometimes worse than simple derision.[quote=“AliceWeir, post:18, topic:18584”]
I have an opinion, but didn’t say what it was.
I have a rejoinder to this, but will not issue it.

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