Harrison Ford to replace late William Hurt as MCU's Thunderbolt Ross

The family and I were thrilled to see/hear him play T’Challa one last time in What If? Perfect send-off.

Anyway, Elliott proved himself to be a giant homophobe with that shit he spouted about Power of the Dog. We’re better off without him.

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I think he apologized and walked that back…

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He belongs in a museum!

Also- isn’t he more of a Hulk antagonist?


He amazed his costars by riding 40 miles every day on the set after they were exhausted.

“ The action star has proudly spoken about his various fitness routines to stay in shape, which included a daily 40 mile bike ride while shooting the latest installment of Indiana Jones over the summer.”

He’s probably not your average 80 year old.


My biggest problem with Indiana Jones 5 isn’t that Indy is too old (I mean he drank from the True Grail so normal rules don’t apply) so much as the issue that the whole franchise doesn’t feel like something that belongs in the 1970s.

The Indiana Jones movies were at their best when they were an homage to the action-adventure serials of the 1930s and 1940s, with bad guys that could be killed without hesitation or remorse (Nazis) and entire long-lost civilizations waiting to be rediscovered.

It just doesn’t feel like the kind of movie you’d ever want to set in the disco era.


Unless in the MCU the dude was played by a different actor


I just thought it was funny that Mace Windu was talking about Star Wars with Peter Parker.


The only character I’d be upset about recasting is J. Jonah Jameson.


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