Harrison Ford can't, and fortunately won't, be replaced as Indiana Jones

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A character can age in a story that crosses generations?

Pull the other one. Next you’ll be telling me that woman over 30 can get decent roles in films.

You card.


there is only one Indiana Jones and he always shoots first.


And why do we need to continue Indiana Jones?

Yeah I know, something about Hollywood being inept at making new material and liking to repackage things from the youth’s of 30-40 somethings… ie. stop being fucking lazy.


What if he regenerated into a new incarnation…?


I heard they were going to change that scene so that the dude wielding the knives takes a swipe and Indy first and misses, then Indy shoots him… :wink:


The FIRST thing Disney ought to worry about is avoiding a stinker of a script like their last effort.

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[quote=“bcsizemo, post:4, topic:68207”]And why do we need to continue Indiana Jones?[/quote]There’s money to be made. It’s inevitable. They’re saying “no replacements” now, but sooner or later the visions of dollars will overtake them.

(I’m still baffled that no one has attempted a reboot or extension or something of The Matrix yet.)

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I hear they are thinking about casting Tom Baker as the next Indy.


Having watched the Young Indiana Jones adventures when they were first on, I have faith that an old, crotchety Indy can work extremely well if done right. Making constant old man jokes isn’t the way to do it.


And that goes right back to stop being lazy shits and start making new series to exploit in the future. It’s getting to the point where I barely care that there is going to be another Star Trek movie…just because I know it’s going to be bland processed over hyped, over fx’ds, tug on my nostalgia mush.

Fury Road might have been one of the better (if not best) squeals I’ve seen in years. Probably the best I’ve seen was X-Files: I Want To Believe, and it wasn’t because of the the action or sci-fi. It was because that movie was a horribly realistic look at what would/could have become of Mulder and Scully after the FBI. It didn’t pander to awesome alien conspiracy theories, it showed you a different truth, an almost sad yet cathartic one. I’m all for making new movies set in an existing story/universe, but this idea that we have to keep a character or arc going forever is pretty cliched at this point.


It was both a brilliant sequel and definitely the best squeal I’ve seen.


What if they continued the Terminator: Salvation line and rolled Skynet into becoming The Matrix…

He belongs in a-- oh wait I love Harrison Ford.

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Thank goodness Muff Dufferson didn’t become the next Indiana Jones, or whatever The Beef was lining up to be. Spielberg really got crossed wires with Lucas in promoting that guy.

I could be wrong…but I think it might have something to do with us buying tickets. Apparently, we want to see man of these.


There are many people who could play Indy. And the 30s-40s is the perfect time for such adventures. We don’t want an 80 year old playing Indy during the 60s. “Indiana Jones and the Lost Groove?”

Indy is a classic archetype and he appeals to everyone’s fantasies. Men want to be him, women want to be with him.

Totally pass the baton. It doesn’t have to be a reboot per se - just a continuing adventure with a different actor.

The last film was an abortion of film making. Once again Mr. Plinkett hilariously explains why. In the documentary footage you can see once again pretty much all the retarded stuff came from the Mind of George Lucas ™ - and Spielberg either lost a bet or was like, fuck it, why not?


So, CGI uncanny valley Ford, then?


We have already had the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles so why not have Ford bookend a film that is mostly flashback.

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