Ford and Spielberg to revive Indiana Jones, again


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Not just small planes. Pretty much every aircraft he’s ever appeared in crashed at some point.



Hey, a decent entry for whatever this game was called.


I think the plan is to keep these going until they bridge the continuity gap with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.



At this point in Professor Jones’ life, I suppose he’ll be battling against the Weatherman Underground.

He could preserve historic homes and artwork from clumsy bomb production.


This is stupid: who does everyone like better? The “archeologist” with the vaguely porn-starry name, or the semi-retired rogue with the sweet ship and serious family problems?


But Han Solo never punched a Nazi. We all know we need more Indy in the world right now.


“The Curse of the Colostomy Bag Closure”


So they can climactically kill him off a la Han.

I mean unless he is going to be a full blown professor who then becomes a super tech connected eye in the sky commander, not sure I will be able to by it. SW:TFA was stretching my willing suspension of disbelief pretty hard.

Although, maybe he could be the time out of place sexist old man who can’t change his ways…lol truly roll some old Indy into our modern world.


Coming in 2025: Harrison Ford in “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the wheelchair storage room,” chronicling his death defying adventures as he fights neo-Nazi skinheads who try to steal equipment from a geriatric retirement home.



He’s killed off Han. Deckard next, then Indy. Tidying up all his loose ends.

Is this one going to be set in the 1970s?


Ford has some FAA fines to pay off, maybe?

Though really - guys - come on. You know what, Indiana Jones can live on forever. But Ford can’t. For the love of God, please just recast someone and move on.


I’m open to it, if they just make a movie out of the plot of, “Fate of Atlantis” Lucasarts game. A beat-by-beat Indy romp just as good as any of the 3 good films we already got.




Soo… we’ve all forgotten Kingdom of the Crystal Skull then? Is that how we’re handling it?


I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Ford was good in the fourth Star Wars film so I’m confident he’ll be okay in this fourth Indy one.


Indiana Jones and the Broken Tablets, a synopsis:

Set in a more conscientious time, Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. struggles with one of his greatest finds yet, a cache of artifacts that may lead to the decoding of Linear A script. But he is running out of time as the site is already under development. Can he succeed in the face of businessmen anxious to have him out of the way, locals concerned that their heritage is respected, and a board unsure if he has truly accepted modern archaeological methodology? What of the notorious Dr. Yildirim, dedicated to stopping any research that might question his pet theory that Linear A is an Anatolian language?