Ford and Spielberg to bring back Indiana Jones


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well that’s just, like, your opinion, man. the indiana jones trilogy is one of the best in filmmaking.


Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Last Ensure.


Sequels. I hate these guys.


I love these movies, but I never really noticed before the entire genre is really about plundering the riches and magic of primitive savages.


Admit it, you secretly always wanted to see how Indiana Jones would find his place in the Disco era.


Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Lost Continence


Or the power of the Christian god? The Hovitos idol didn’t act out with any magic. The Ark and the Cup of Jesus were imbued with magical Christian god. I forget who the Temple of Doom was about, ShortRound went to my elementary school and that was annoying.


Indiana Jones and the Temple down the block. The Davids go there. It’s very nice. We should go too.


Different god. Plus the transdimensional alien magic in the last movie.


Any technology sufficiently advanced…


That’s kind of my point. I was thinking more of the Egyptians in that chase scene, or the Amazon natives in the opening, but the movies do treat ancient Israel as equally magic. No mention of the - yknow - covenant inside the ark; this thing melts Nazis!


Well of course he has to go on another adventure. Dr. Jones has been denied tenure yet again.


A fourth Indiana Jones film? About time!


I get the impression Ford only cares about the paycheck these days. He’s honest enough about it, but I sensed a lot of that mercenary attitude in Force Awakens. You can practically see him calculating the most fan servicing expressions. It’s jarring.


Well, do you count other parts of the franchise than the movies? “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis” was a pretty good adventure game, and some of the novels weren’t bad so far as those type of thing goes. And the “Temple of the Forbidden Eye” in Disneyland isn’t bad either.


Don’t forget Young Indiana Jones.



Remember to forget.


The only way I’d go see this is if they made Fate of Atlantis, but that’s set in the Nazi era and I guess would require a whole lotta CGIndy.


Wait, you didn’t like Temple of Doom?

Young Indiana I sort of enjoyed in my youth, but the fact that he couldn’t take a piss with out it some how affecting history or bumping into someone famous got a bit too much…

Anyway - no. No new Indy. At least not with Harrison. I love Harrison Ford, but he’s done. Reboot it like Star Trek.