Fun trailer for the Indiana Jones movies you've already seen

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Indiana Jones was born in 1899. Harrison Ford is 78.

I’m not sure how well this character will work in a movie set during the tail end of the disco era.



i think it depends on how canonical the old indy from*the young indiana jones chronicles" is. if i recall correctly one episode featured ford in a scene set in the 50s.

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The last film was already set in the late 1950s. It had a couple of decent moments but overall it still felt like a pale imitation of an Indiana Jones movie to me.

We’re rapidly approaching the day when Ford will be the right age to play the version of his character that appeared in the bookend scenes for the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.


What’s “Temple of Doom”? I only know three Indiana Jones movies: two great and a meh one about aliens. I thought I remembered seeing one about India back in the '80s, which I loathed, but I decided that was a strep nightmare and best forgotten.

it came out around the time that sinbad did that djinn movie called shazam.

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Indiana Jones and the Nursing Home of Doom…


Thank you, Paramount, for keeping the clips from Crystal Skull to a minimum.

Also, trailer mercifully contains 0% Shia LeBeouf.

If the “old” Jones character was about 93 when the TV series aired in 1992 then Ford has about 15 years of adventures left before his character is canonically doomed to lose an eye, or perhaps undergo cataract surgery resulting in an inconvenient but temporary eye patch.

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I personally buy into the theory that Indiana Jones gained an extended lifespan when he drank from the Holy Grail.
He’s not immortal and can’t top up by drinking from it repeatedly like the Grail Knight. But he’s certainly got enough longevity in him to make it to the 70s and beyond.


The problem with that theory is that Henry Jones Sr. drank from the grail too and he was dead by the late 1950s.

That’s a good point, but Jones Sr. was also older than Jr. and suffering from a bullet wound when he drank from the grail. Which could have resulted in it being ineffective or less effective.

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I don’t think that anyone is complaining that the character lives to a ripe old age, whether the grail plays a role or not. We already know he’s alive until at least the 90’s. I think the concern is that the aesthetic and feel of the films is completely different from the old 1930’s “serial” format if the character is brought into different eras. It’s not about if the situation is plausible, it’s about if it’s the kind of movie we want to watch.


But he was also an ageless being born in Egypt during the 10th century B.C.E., so drinking from the grail should have rendered him even more immortal.


I’m no defender of Crystal Skull by any means, but that Honest Trailers take is super cringe. Swipes at Karen Allen’s appearance are tasteless, at best.


It’s a cheesy kid’s show, this. But incredibly watchable. And, if we’re being really honest, no more cheesy than the movies.

I still go back and rewatch the Young Indy show occasionally.

I think the precedent has already been set for (essentially) deepfakes of younger actors living or dead being recreated in film. It’s just a matter of cost and establishing contractual norms until we start seeing it all over.

And why not! As long as it’s not exploitative, I think we may yet see quality Indy movies that seamlessly slot in between/around the original trilogy.

Heck, if it gets cheap enough that home users can do it in the grey area which is Fair Use, we could see fan-made insanity like “Indiana Star Wars”. Direct to Torrents release.

Wait, there are four Indiana Jones films?

There have already been a fair number of actors who have played Indiana Jones, including in the movies. (Such as River Phoenix).

While I am a large fan of Harrison Ford, I think I would prefer to see a recast to a reskin…


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