Harrison Ford can't, and fortunately won't, be replaced as Indiana Jones

Presumably - if he’s looking back - he still exists. Why not both?

Commander/Admiral Adama was a great character. Sean Connery in the Rock was still vital.

SciFi is supposed to have a tad of imagination involved. If you can imagine other galaxies -but not any compelling or interesting older people in them with agency - maybe not as the action figure - but old Spock was still worth watching.

yes, a second movie would be nice - I wonder how one could tell a follow-up story after Neo becomes Superman?


I expect there will be a second Matrix movie right after they do a third Aliens film.



Go ahead, do the Bond thing. How about Milla Jovovich? Kate Beckinsale? How about doing the Bond thing on Spielberg?

Wait, what about the LeBeouf?

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Indy played by The Beef? I’m all for it as long as it is the right one.

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I keep seeing the title and think “unfortunately”. Then I re-read it and see fortunately. Yes he was great, but let’s get someone new in there. Why not?

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Nice! The wrong LaBeef would still be crazier than the other with Hoof&Mouth Disease. The LaBeef has Foot-In-Mouth.


My daughter and I literally jumped up and shrieked when that scene came on! What a bonding moment, 40 years in the making.

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I KNOW!!! We did too! Tom Baker is awesome!


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