Harrison Ford can't, and fortunately won't, be replaced as Indiana Jones


Presumably - if he’s looking back - he still exists. Why not both?

Commander/Admiral Adama was a great character. Sean Connery in the Rock was still vital.

SciFi is supposed to have a tad of imagination involved. If you can imagine other galaxies -but not any compelling or interesting older people in them with agency - maybe not as the action figure - but old Spock was still worth watching.


yes, a second movie would be nice - I wonder how one could tell a follow-up story after Neo becomes Superman?


I expect there will be a second Matrix movie right after they do a third Aliens film.



Go ahead, do the Bond thing. How about Milla Jovovich? Kate Beckinsale? How about doing the Bond thing on Spielberg?


Wait, what about the LeBeouf?


Indy played by The Beef? I’m all for it as long as it is the right one.


I keep seeing the title and think “unfortunately”. Then I re-read it and see fortunately. Yes he was great, but let’s get someone new in there. Why not?


Nice! The wrong LaBeef would still be crazier than the other with Hoof&Mouth Disease. The LaBeef has Foot-In-Mouth.



My daughter and I literally jumped up and shrieked when that scene came on! What a bonding moment, 40 years in the making.


I KNOW!!! We did too! Tom Baker is awesome!

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