Harry Potter skater dresses


If it keeps up, every Canadian may eventually qualify for a Chinese passport.

Saw a surprising variety of Simpsons dresses/skirts at Fridays’ Simpsons Take the Bowl

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Kind of disappointed I couldn’t find any in my size but I was never good at skateboarding anyway.

ETA: In case it isn’t clear from this post, I am trans and would wear one of these dresses presuming it was available in my size.


OK, I’ll fess up that I have absolutely no idea what this comment means. What does a line of nerdy themed clothing made by someone in Jacksonville, Florida have to do with Canada or China?

EDIT: Never mind, I’m assuming the comment was meant to go here:

You know, it took me a while to figure out it has nothing to do with skateboarding. It looks like it’s skater as in ice skater or perhaps roller skater.

But perhaps you already knew that and were just having a laugh…

Nope. It really didn’t occur to me. Same sort of mistake as when I assume “biker” refers to a motorcycle enthusiast rather than a bicycle enthusiast.

My sense of humor is dry but I wasn’t trying to be humorous. :frowning: :rabbit:

Oh my goddess. Someone changed my rabbit emoticon. Old one was cuter. :frowning: But this one’s still pretty cute.

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