Chewbacca beat up a ski resort worker with his snowboard


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Its amazing, isnt it, the kind of antisocial behaviour people try to get away with when they wear certain kinds of clothing. I dont think this asshole should get any slack just because he acted out as a character I found enjoyable on screen.


True, indefensible response on the part of the Wookie. But what’s wrong with snowboarding in a costume?


Smash a snowboard into the face of the person in costume and watch the glib snark melt away.


Sometimes the world is so crazy you just have to laugh it off.

No one thinks Chewbacca - which it is weird no one posted his name and this came form the Daily Mail - should be excused for assaulting someone.


“He lost consciousness and some teeth,”

One too many Wookie jokes will do that.


Do people never learn?


Skiing and snowboarding in costume is a vital part of the sport, and they should be treated the same as anybody else on the mountain




I dont have any judgements about what got the dude angry in the first place. Their mountain, their rules.

As tacky as the Trek cosplayers can be, they dont usually use their fandom as an excuse to act out. In that sense, I’d rather live in Trek than Wars.


I’ve seen the poor guy. He doesn’t get around too good these days :frowning:


Likewise, he’s getting up there. (In age. He’s been up there in stature for a while.)


Jesus Christ, are we actually splitting fandom into “us and them” factions? Like one type is better than others?

And you obviously haven’t been around drunk Klingons.


I think most would. Live in utopia, play is dystopia?

I have no problem calling a dumb rule a dumb rule, but it makes no difference to this cosplayer being a violent sociopathic fuckwit. If it were up to me, he’d get a stint in prison and some serious counseling.


In general I prefer to snowboard/ski/crash in the company of those whos faces are uncovered. So yeah, fans who show their faces, I expect more accountability from. Drunk klingons are pretty easy to avoid, in my experience.


I suggest a new strategy. Let theWookie win.


Didn’t they invent ski masks to ski in?


Obviously, its not the concealed identity thats the problem here, its the permission they give themselves for acting out while under cover2518fd60e8ec95c19ba17e94210a914c-0


I didn’t let the wookie win at Dejarik, and now I have no arms. Snowboard dude got off easy.