Portraits of Hollywood's odd costumed characters


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Several years ago I watched a customer service training film that used, among others, the Disney parks as examples. The guy who played Goofy refused to take his head off on-camera.

That seems to be one of the differences between people who wear costumes professionally and those who do it just for fun, or for tips.


Was just watching Boba Fett getting hauled off by the PoPo for fighting with Chewbacca and Darth Vader on the morning news… Newscaster couldn’t stop laughing.


Please share links as soon as possible. That’s hilarious.

I wrote a short story about a couple of completely fictional costumed characters working Hollywood Boulevard. One thing I speculated about was that fighting would get shut down pretty quick, that the players themselves would be largely self-policing because fighting would make all of them look bad. It’s no surprise that Boba Fett has no respect for the rules.


Don’t see any video…


Or maybe it’s the difference between those who do it for love and those who do it just for wages. (And furries.)


The video really fleshes out a lot of these individuals. I wish they’d have included the Charlie Chaplin gentleman as he’s an endearingly sweet and gentle person. Before I ever met him, he sat in front of me on the bus:


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