Harvey Weinstein hired a team of ex-Mossad spies to discredit actresses and journalists

But we already have a toddler with an armed nuke. Actually, lots and LOTS of em.

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Or he hired Ray Donovan and…

But not from those women, reduced to desirable status objects. You could engage the services of any high-ened escort but to know you fucked Paz de la Huerta? Worth more than money to people like him.

Drumpf could have hired his own ex-Mossad or whoever to get dirt on women he assaulted…but why spend money when you can bluff lie instead?


Yeah, and not so much with the 100+ who have come forward, so far

I dunno. I suspect if they were offering murder, Harvey would have gone for it like a shot…


Who wants gumshoe money? I bet it’s not that hard to pretend to be a former spy… It’s not like shady employers can verify any claims you make.

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Resume of Prior Experience: 1999 to Present: If I told you, I would have to kill you.


I suppose he realized that his career and reputation would be ruined no matter what if the allegations went public, and figured he might as well go all-in on keeping that from happening.

Any chance of prosecuting the guys who knowingly worked to help cover up his crimes?


Harvey said he needed to be given “a second chance”. He didn’t exactly specify what he needed a second chance to do, exactly, but I am sure we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

If there is any.

This disgusts and terrifies me; the depth of it is horrifying. And it raises up darker questions like “how is it that this isn’t illegal on some level that justice can be applied to?” and “who else is employing Black Cube, or organizations like it?” Turning it over in my mind is like tonguing a cavity in a back molar - how deep is the rot?

It’s rare to see such a naked case of Obstruction of Justice. Whatever other case he’s litigated that appear to have had a net societal positive effect are beyond erased by this revelation. Clearly, some lawyers take clients and cases that they think will earn them the most money, fuck all other considerations. To jail with him, the perpetrator and anyone else who participated in covering up the crimes of a serial rapist.

America is like a melting pot, all right. The people at the bottom get burned and the scum rises to the top.

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Not if you want to work for an outfit run by real former spies. Black Cube can surely figure out whether someone claiming to be a former Mossad officer is the real thing. (“Who trained you? Who did you work with?Where was your desk?”)

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