Right-wing troll James O'Keefe fails badly at baiting Washington Post with rape lie


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Rape apologists are always trying to make the case that it would be so easy for someone to put together a conspiracy of multiple women to make false allegations against a man to ruin him. I’m sure they won’t let the outcome of this experiment in just how easy that is affect their view of reality.




I just love how this latest O’Keefe-adjacent nonsense was foiled by actual journalism.


As with any O’Keefe operation - his tradecraft is so poor it would make Smiley cry.


It also illustrates the lack of rigor that they themselves have. They know they have an audience that is all too eager to take one proven case of fraudulent claims to sow doubt in all claims. Even if WaPo actually reported this one account as true, it still doesn’t disprove the others.

A group that names itself after the Latin word for truth is caught making fake news that ironically reveals that WaPo actually does its homework before reporting a story. The icing on this will be if Trump still uses it as an example to call WaPo fake news on Twitter at 3 o clock in the morning.


They need to lower their sites to a publication more within their competence level - I hear the Pennysaver News has a socialist freecycle page.



O’Keefe’s failure here is total in scope and seemingly criminal in character, yet I’m sure his actual audience will not care so I’m skeptical that there will be any real repercussions. If nothing else, this clear victory of a group of actual journalists over that bunch of clowns is something to be applauded.


Yeah, this is pure projection. They think the Post is going to have as low standards as they do and is going to be as bad at figuring out what’s true as they are.


There’s not enough popcorn for this little bit of news. It’s funny how he was dodging questions from WaPo on this matter. So much for being a defender of truth. LOL


Who else hates the WaPo? Hmmmm

trump hate of the wapo tweet


To be fair, I hate the Post too, but for completely different reasons.


Once you get past the fact that it’s a local sports rag it’s ok. All sports, all the time. It just so happens that politics is the sport of the town and the fans are rabid.


Yea. Somebody once said that if Democrats said the world is round and Republicans said it’s flat, the next day’s WaPo headline would announce the world is a semicircle.


See, people are making up fake allegations about Moore!


If O’Keefe wants to one get past the Post, he needs to put on a 4 star general’s uniform.


I have been saying for years that one of the problems with the press is that they report elections as if they were horse races. It’s all who’s ahead and who’s behind, and not trying to nail down what the policies of the candidates would be so that voters can make an informed decision.


I don’t know if O’Keefe is lazy or stupid or just desperate for willing accomplices, but the woman they hired to do their “sting” dropped such obvious clues and left a really dumb digital paper trail that it was bound to fail. The Post investigated the woman, but apparently O’Keefe didn’t, or didn’t think it mattered. Again, lazy or stupid or desperate, I can’t tell. (Cue “why not both” meme.)

Apparently the newest video he’s released is of employees at the WaPo talking about how the writing on the Opinion page is very opinionated. Ohhhh . . . bombshell.


James O’Keefe has been elevated to Supreme Douche Bag.