James O'Keefe caught trying to bribe protesters to riot at Trump inauguration

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Which mid-90s Conan character was he dressed as this time? I loved his PimpBot 5000 costume from the last time.


tRump should be pleased. After all, he hates the unfair media.


Isn’t there an offence like “Incitement to Riot” or something similar?


Yes there is. It’s difficult to prove the charges though. Due to the 1st amendment.


Besides, he’s not black. Not even a hippy. That makes it much, much harder to prove.


It’s just obvious he’s a liberal trying to make conservatives look bad by posing as a conservative posing as a liberal to make liberals look bad. But it’s not going to work, you hear me, PimpBot? Not… going… to work!


Except the conspiracy theorists will believe literally anything, including what you said.

There’s a well known effect that if someone believes in a wild grand conspiracy, they’re much more likely to believe in other conspiracies including ones that directly contradict their main one, as well as other wild unsubstantiated claims.

Because they’re literally terrible at thinking. It’s a thing they do badly.


I can’t wait to see how Fox reports this!


I guess this would be sedition, which, I think, still carries the Death Penalty over there in the US.


I’ve never heard of people in my lifetime being charged with sedition in the USA. The closest it comes afaict are Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

Although they’re heroes to me, personally. I think they did the public good at their own expense in their disclosures.


So, when Moss/Maass approached them, they’re not supposed to know that she is actually undercover and is actually with O’Keefe/Breitbart…

But who/what is she purporting to be? How does she have the funds? What’s her story about who’s backing her?

And, presumably, when they were filming her, she was filming them?? (Because her sting is going to be that, after the public sees the outrageous protestors disrupting the Inauguration, O’Keefe will pop up with these videos saying “Hey, it’s Liberals who were doing it! We hired them!”) I think?

This counter-sting video could have been a little more clear. Perhaps they need editing help from O’Keefe himself.


The secret service needs to visit this guy. He was allegedly going to pay people to commit crimes potentially that put the entire Presidential line of succession at risk - they’re all going to be at the inauguration.


Certainly easier if the ‘incitement’ involves attempting to hire somebody specifically for rioting, rather than just doing a bit of rabble-rousing.

I’d be deeply unsurprised to see nothing whatsoever come of it; but if anything helps prove that you aren’t just indulging in a little protected speech; it’s offering someone cash strictly on the condition that they commit the crime you specify.

Much the same way that my candid opinions on who would really do the world a favor if they were to trip and hit their head on a bullet are unlikely to see court; but an attempt to contractually formalize the request would likely go poorly.


An anonymous evil liberal Illuminati. So George Soros.
After all, he is the one paying BLM to riot too.


Also, why didn’t they get anything where Moss asked them to do something? The part O’Keefe would edit out. All the specifics are fed with leading questions, to which she answers, basically, “Yes, we would like that”. It’s the most mildly incriminating outcome possible and it barely even makes sense.

And is this another O’Keefe “sting” or does anyone actually want this to happen - as all the headlines are stating? Because if O’Keefe says “that was a sting to catch them, we know they are planning this” he has a narrative that fits the tape and he wins.

How do you end up being worse at this than O’Keefe? With your Glenn Beck conspiracy board with connections backed up by nothing? He is terrible at this and he would have done better ffs.

There are massively corrupt incompetent people out there to catch and honestly … depressingly … this looks like they decided it was easier to play the same fake news game that the “other side” is playing with some out of context, bullshit recording and a sensational headline backed up by no evidence than to actually get some of the evidence that is out there.

I really hope its just that they are incompetent, although between this and everything else recently I’m starting to think everyone is just jumping on the O’Keefe/Breitbart/Alex Jones bandwagon because it works.


I say.

  1. Silently record transaction.
  2. Take money.
  3. Do nothing.
  4. Publicly release recorded transaction.
  5. Repeat process.

The plan would probably be to put out a video “showing” (though plenty of editing) that these groups were willing to accept money for large disruptions, and then claim that all large disruptions are due to big-name liberals funding “fake” protests. Basically following along with the narrative they started before the election that no one’s really pissed about Trump, all the protesters are really just paid shills, probably directly funded by Clinton…


James O’Keefe is the Breitbart-affiliated fraudster douchebag.



Christ, what a patriot.