Former aide at today's pop-up hearing says Trump knew rally-goers had weapons, told them to march to Capitol

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In a sane country, he would be completely shorn of all power and buried in a deep jail cell by now. I have no faith this damning testimony - he literally KNEW they had weapons, he eagerly encouraged his people to let them bring weapons in, he demanded to march to Congress with them, and assaulted his secret service agent when they refused to take him there! - will lead to anything more than more bumbling bullshit from the batshit brigade.


This rancid slug wanted to let armed supporters in because he wanted a bigger crowd and then told them to fight for him against Congress because he couldn’t accept he lost the election. That’s how stupid this country has become, an insurrection sparked by a thin-skinned narcissist worried about his TV ratings.


I would’ve loved to see a live-feed from Mar-a-Lago during this hearing to see how much food has been splattered on the walls.


The bigger a conspiracy gets, the more people are privy to the details. She’s just adding one more detail to a plot we already had plenty of evidence of.


Seems like it’s now or never, ya’ll. Not just for this, but for all kinds of shit going on, most especially the fact that it’s now perfectly legal for a state to treat women as chattel. Fuck this shit!!!


He laid hands on his Chief of Security in the limo. Good thing he is a professional because it would be hard to explain why you had a broken nose the next day. :confused:

But seriously. It is clearer and clearer there was a plan. It wasn’t a spontaneous riot that got out of hand after a rally. There was a plan. Not everyone who entered the capital was in on it, but they were manipulated to be there. There has to be dozens of staffers privy to similar information. I am not sure why it took so long to come out, but I suspect that there was fear of retribution. They are clearly still pressuring people who were involved to remain loyal.

There HAS to be consequences. There has to be. Otherwise next time it will be some one like de Santis who is much more cunning and could pull it off.


One of the many chilling bits of testimony from today’s hearing was when they played the recording of Mike Flynn’s sworn testimony. Liz Cheney asked him “do you believe in the peaceful transition of power for the United States of America?” and he invoked the 5th.


Three votes against impeachment is all that protected him. They could have washed their hands of him right then and there. I have no doubt that once he was stripped of his veneer of invincibility, people would have fallen over themselves to sell him out like Hutchinson did today. And make no mistake; she’s no goddamn hero. Her testimony is so damming because she was right there in the thick of it; imprisoning children under bridge overpasses, separating families and “losing” the information required to reunite them, attempting to start a war with Iran (‘member that?) and the negligent homicide of hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable Americans. She belongs in chains with the rest of them.


“I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters, and to all of the people of the United States, that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election…if I win.”
– Donald Trump, October 2016, already announcing this is who he is to anyone paying attention.


Seriously. A Three Star general. He should be recalled to duty, court martialled, stripped of all rank and awards and thrown into Ft Leavenworth.

Edited the stars. :sparkles:


I’m more and more convinced that the democrats have the goods on him all the way . That the main question being faced now by them is do they play it now, or do they save it until after he gets renominated in 2024? And who else do they have the goods on that they can use before the election in 2022 and 2024? This information isn’t new evidence, this is all basically fruit of the Meadows text turn over earlier this year. There’s bound to be more that they have.


I don’t believe anything will happen as a result of this testimony. Nothing. As horrible as it is to say, I don’t think anything will happen. And he’ll probably be re-elected to boot.


He wasn’t a four star. He was a three star who got bumped to that rank by Obama because Obama was looking for someone who talked tough. He was unceremoniously fired after being violently abusive towards staff.


He was impeached, it was those last ten votes short of conviction that were the problem

but yeah


That would be the worst possible time to indict him, the courts would just postpone everything until after the election :anguished:


Ah, good catch. Thanks.


Have you given up, then?

You done fighting already, before it’s really even begun?

I’m NOT.

I’m working poor, I’m Black, I’m a woman, and the deck has always been stacked against me since the dawn of fuckin’ time, as far I’m concerned.

For someone like me, problems have always seemed ‘insurmountable’, and yet I still fight anyway.


I was thinking that Trump should be put in Super Max. But decided he should be in general pop. Not for long, of course.


How’s the phrase go? Oh yeah

“Justice delayed is justice denied!”

I am already worried that all the Democrats “strategy” on this has allowed the TFG and his minions time and opportunity to paint themselves in better light in their right-wing echo chamber. They seem to think they can make this a mid-term issue.