Once again, the US justice department treats pedophile Jeffrey Epstein like a saint

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The more I read about this guy and his web of connections, the more disillusioned I get that we live in a fair and just world.

He will never see justice for his crimes, and neither will his co-conspirators like Trump, Clinton and Alan fucking Dershowitz.


The longform coverage of this case is so depressing. I wish he and all his enablers would fall in the deepest of holes.


I think the subtle shade you were throwing there is too subtle.


Outside of any BS legalisms, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt to have repeatedly hosted Trump on his sex-abuse island. How anybody can deny that our President has a decades-long history of being a practicing pedophile is beyond me.


On the other hand, if one of his victims were to stalk Mr Epstein and shoot him dead, she might claim a PTSD defense, describe her abuse at his hands in emotional detail, and win an acquittal from a sympathetic jury. Two can play at that no-one’s-ever-guilty brand of justice. Not that I’m advocating such a thing, you understand.


Thank you for posting this, Mark.
If anyone deserves an ankle bracelet it’s this guy.
Made me think about that tent city they had under a bridge for sex offenders - also in Miami.
I know others will have their own interpretation of that situation, but certainly an interesting contrast in the application of justice.


Dude should get necrotizing fasciitis in his nether regions.

But not just there.


A garrote would be more appropriate


A Texas necktie

All this aiding and abetting brings a whole new level to the term “heavy petting”.

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Gosh! One could almost draw the conclusion that there is a cabal of ped******* in the Justice department protexxxng his sorry axx.


Honestly, i have to wonder if these guys actually operate out of a pizza shop somewhere. There needs to be an easy to cite rule essentially pointing out that if the rightwingers hurl an absurd sounding accusation, it is almost certainly something in which they have actively engaged themselves.


I can certainly understand your sentiment.
But that makes it OK to lock children in cages when their parents committed a misdemeanor.
If we’re going to be a just society we really need to think about this.

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kenneth starr is his lawyer!? the same guy who hounded clinton for having a consensual affair. ( albeit a questionable affair due to the power dynamics )

that’s some incredible hypocrisy right there.

i get your point. we treat most people who have served time, and especially sex offenders, in ways that virtually guarantee they’ll re-offend.

cant work. cant rent a place to live. barred from public and private spaces. what do we expect?

and on the other side of the privilege divide: this guy.


Are any of the victims from Alabama?

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Ooooh, sinister music, type that appears slowly… must be bad people.

Seriously, I don’t know anything about Epstein or the case against him, but this broad-brush approach to making everyone look like co-conspirators doesn’t help.

If you don’t know the backstory on this guy, that is probably for the best for your mental health and whatever faith you may have left in our justice system. But, that said, this is a case where “broad brush” is probably not adequate. This could be painted with a fricking hydoseeder. It is, in my book, up there with Sandy Hook in terms of proof that our society does not give a flying fuck about its children. And that makes me unspeakably angry. So, yeah, “evil” is the least of it.


This guy gives me the yuckies, big time.


Basically this guy is Mason Verger minus the part where his therapist convinces him to feed his own face to the dogs.