Once again, the US justice department treats pedophile Jeffrey Epstein like a saint

Okay I just read about the case a bit more. Pretty fucked up. And that he got such a light sentence is absurd.


Technically, he’s a ephebophile or hebephile.

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Accurate, but it is hard to split the hair in the right direction.

“Serial rapist” does not cover the full scope. “Serial statutory rapist” makes it sound like he dates teenagers with consent.

Maybe, “Kidnapper and rapist of teenagers”? I dunno the best way to refer to him in shorthand.


True. Man, I wish we could slip that into one of his speeches. “I never slept with this woman! She’s not even my type! All the best people know I’m a hebephile!”

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I know there are ethical lawyers, just like there are some ethical used car salesman. It just feels like accusing a lawyer of hypocrisy is like accusing the sun of shining. If nothing else, it’s a case of “crucify their guy” vs “protect our guy”.


I dunno the best way to refer to him in shorthand.


It seems clear to me that he is being protected by the Childraper in Chief, in exchange for keeping his secrets. Truth will out. It always does.

The argument that “because victims’ rights weren’t enumerated, they have none” is as specious as the argument that toothbrushes & soap weren’t specifically listed as part of safe & secure conditions in detention.

@gatto: There’s no point in accusing Kenneth Starr of hypocrisy. He leapt that hurdle a long long time ago.


yeah. i know. still… geez. he’s “winning” and im sure that makes him happy.

i guess it’s like frauenfelder has pointed out before: some people aint got no shame, and so shaming them won’t change a thing. ( i might possibly be paraphrasing. ) still… geez.

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This isn’t a “left vs right” or “Republican vs Democrat” issue; this is pure abuse of power by rich privileged assholes regardless of political bent.


Oh there is a cabal alright, but one of money lovers, not of rapists. Helping to save Weinstein from his evil actions will give you the connections needed for your future career.

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