Trump's Oklahoma campaign manager, who once introduced an anti-immigrant law to "stop sex trafficking of children," admits to trafficking young boy for sex


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Funny how those most concerned with controlling the morality of other’s behavior seem so often to be externalizing their own inner demons.

And ⊥rump draws these people like flies to shit.


TFW you realize nearly everyone that’s on the right end of the political spectrum is an outright pedophile or worse. :expressionless:


You guys, he was doing it solely for research purposes.

How else would the Republican voters be able to explain this away?


TFW you remember that evil is not restricted to the fascists.


Absolutely the Grand Old Pedophile party.


I don’t see the Clintons and their allies as left. They might be liberal but they’re not leftists. And much of liberalism is authoritarian by nature.


No disagreement here.

OTOH, I wouldn’t want to pretend that the real left is free of this sort of bastardry, either. The term “brocialist” was coined for a reason.


Hooboy that’s a really broad brush.


“he will be required to serve at least a 10-year prison term, the mandatory minimum time for child sex trafficking.”

Was wondering.


Gross or grody or grievous, perhaps groping or gnarly or grotesque… I don’t know anything very grand about the Grand Old Pedofiles. But, whatever G-word grabs, gropes or gratifies you I believe you’re on the right track about those Ghastly Old Perverts.


I also don’t recall Bill Clinton building his entire campaign around demonizing people who (for example) had inappropriate relationships with interns.

Clinton did a lot of shitty things, but they weren’t the shitty things he attacked other people for doing.


The whole sad affair that we’re facing in the US is based a lot on our unwillingness to talk like adults about sex or sex education. When that failure to address it comes around to bite us everybody shakes their head and acts like its all a big mystery. Kind of like the dumbass science deniers that claim there really isn’t any thing to talk about with climate change and our pollution happy society. It really would be nice to have some adult conversation. This is the kind of thing a worthwhile political leader would put as part of their campaign. Seems like such a dream to expect our population vote for maturity and intellect instead of fools and perverts.


Hey, it takes a thief to catch a thief, right?


Sex-trafficking children?

Naturally, the smaller compromises are the problem. We can’t expect mere humans to be moral paragons, but where do we draw our lines?


It all makes sense now. He didn’t want the competition from illegal alien sex traffickers.

“They took our hand jobs!”


Oklahoma Republican state Sen. Ralph Shortey

The name! Just look at it, will ya!


One down.
How many more to go?


claiming that immigrants trafficked their children for sex.

Well, he should know.