Epstein associate list may be released today

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Ah, a list! Again with nothing but names.

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Those named here may be tarnished a bit, but apparently it takes more than that to begin the process of making them face actual retribution.

Surely recordings or some such more solid evidence exists??


I’m hoping that Maxwell starts giving up information on the associates she and Epstein compromised and blackmailed to save her own worthless skin. In the meantime, I hope they’re sweating. I also hope the wealthy and powerful associates whose favour they were currying are also made uncomfortable by this reminder that they were being groomed to protect them.



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Billionaire? Citation needed.

I know he was a grasping social climber that tried to be a billionaire by hanging out with people who sometimes were, but it sounds like his highest estimated net worth never reached 1 billion dollars.


I understand why the island earned that infamous nickname but I think it likely creates a false impression about how Epstein bought most of his influence.

Most billionaire scumbags and political power brokers would have been happy to buddy up to someone like Epstein for the prestige, the connections, the campaign contributions and the exclusive luxury getaways which may or may not have included sexual services.

If and when Epstein sensed that any of those guests were fellow pedophiles then I’m sure he was happy to help provide them with victims. But I suspect that was the exception rather than the rule since most people (including most rich & famous scumbags) aren’t really interested in raping children.


I mostly agree with you. It’s important to remember, though, that he wasn’t peddling sex with 4 year olds. The girls were underage, but not necessarily young enough for the people involved to have considered them “children” in their (warped) minds. There are undoubtedly people associated with Epstein who weren’t having illicit sex, but I bet there were considerably more who were than would fit the popular conception of a pedophile.


If anyone was worried about trump getting named, don’t worry, Marge says it’s fake.


Citing Alex Jones is always a mark of credibility. /s


It’ll be just a list of rich people and politicians. And you can bet as many left leaning rich people and politicians will be on it as right leaning rich people and politicians, and the media associated with the right and the left will be glad to make inferences but it won’t lead to justice for anyone.

I remember being told certainly that Epstein was murdered and that Maxwell was going to be killed soon by some rich pedophile cabal, and that hasn’t happened. I’ve been told that she was going to dump evidence to get out of it all, and that hasn’t happened.

Can we just bury the memory of this man until something happens where we get actual evidence against actual people who hurt people?


The list will also include a lot of victims too, and I’m less eager for the media to dig into any of those not already known.


To say nothing of all the amateur sleuths on social media who are likely to victimize those women for a second time by dragging their names through the mud with a bunch of new conspiracy theories.


I suspect a lot of underwhelming results.
The “blackmail possibilities” of being on the list aren’t all that great.

The statute of limitations for being a customer is about 2 years or less in most of the developed world (barring forcible acts)

We are in a post-shame/trollish media environment where one can no longer expect universal disgust at acting atrociously like we did in the past.

Also Epstein’s clients were rich but not particularly bright or had organized criminal connections. The idea that any of them have the ability to hire hitmen and thugs to cover up their deeds is kind of silly. If they had those resources available, they would have used them for their illicit needs as well, rather than use Epstein.


The Qnuts have me so numb to anything about Epstein. I kept hearing the list will drop and I just assumed it won’t like everything else they predict fails to happen. I am not sure what I am supposed to feel about the list of names unless there’s some other evidence or accusations from victims.


Yeah. Almost all people on that list are going to have nothing to do with Epstein’s sex trafficking stuff, either as victims or co-criminals.

He was actively courting / networking with rich and influential people, to boost his own influence and ego, to find the (rare) people who would be interested in the underage victims he’d offer, and to create a large number of connections and associates so that his criminal connections would not stand out.


I’m really curious how much overlap there is with this list and Chumbawamba’s “Passenger List for Doomed Flight #1721”.

I’d imagine there’s quite a bit.


And we know they’re rare because. . . ?


If only one in ten visitors to the private island were there for “business,” that’s still way too many.

And “one in ten” seems ridiculously optimistic about humanity…


Right. I’m not thinking many wealthy men resist all that strongly when conventionally beautiful “nubiles” get tossed their way.


Good God, where is that puke emoji???

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