Billionaire who gave Jeffrey Epstein power of attorney in order to manage his finances says Epstein stole "vast sums of money"

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Something about a human trafficker/pedophile/serial rapist which just screamed, “I can trust this guy!”


It’s not like billionaires become billionaires by ripping off labor, amiright?


We all assume that Epstein made his money by supplying trafficked women and/or children to people like this and then leveraging that relationship into “managing” money for them, right? I mean, there’s a reason that people like Clinton and Dershowitz and Trump were palling around with him for the last 30 years, and I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it wasn’t because he’s a brilliant conversationalist.


One of the enduring mysteries of the super-wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is where, exactly, he got his money

The most convincing theory remains that it was from a blackmail racket.

Get 20-30 billionaires under your thumb to “invest” in your do-nothing low-overhead offshore hedge fund and that’s tens of millions a year in revenue from the fees alone – enough to keep up the pretense that you, too, are a billionaire.

Whether or not Wexner was being extorted by Epstein, I don’t for a minute believe that he was unaware of his “proclivities” or of Epstein’s use of the connection to Victoria’s Secret to procure young girls.


Sounds like he was shocked, shocked to find that serious crimes were going on in there.


And then there’s a question of his charity and some of the donations to other charities who said that they never got them.

The Daily Beast left messages for all the schools and charities that Epstein’s group listed as beneficiaries. Some representatives said they didn’t know who operated Gratitude America Ltd. Others said they never received any such donations.

In an email, Howard Straus, president of the Cancer Research Wellness Institute, said his group has “NEVER received a donation of that magnitude from ANYONE.”

“I would know,” Straus continued. “We are perennially short of funds, and would love to be the recipient of such largesse, but not from sexual predators.”


One glimpse of that Epstein face and I’m feeling yucky all over.


Also it has been noted before that Trump didn’t mind an in-house pimp for his properties.


For some reason I’m not as upset by billionaires being taken for a ride as I am for common people being taken for a ride by billionaires. I guess it’s a failing in me that I’ll just have to own. But, yeah. Fuck both these guys.


Roger That!



this one is going to be, excuse me, evergreen


As great as this guy is, I think the guy who shouted “you’re in direct violation of being a jackass” is an underrated gem.


I wonder if Ohio State and Columbus in general know what kind of can of worms they were the recipient of here. The Wexner Center for the Arts was hot shit when they opened at OSU in 1989, and apparently Wexner contributed more for other stuff too (see also Wexner Medical Center at OSU). Looks like a philanthropic way to launder money, amirite?

eta: maybe not actual money laundering, but sketchy anyhow.


…uh huh. Pull the other one, squire.


You know what: I worked for a Limited Brand for quite some time about a decade ago. I’ve lived in Central Ohio for 20 years. I worked with people who worked with him, and people who attended his Synagogue. I seriously considered buying a house that backed up to his ranch.

I haven’t heard one allegation of underage sex related to Wexner. He has his quirks, there are rumors, but nothing related to this. There haven’t been any allegations related to models. His businesses have been the most ethical and honest I’ve ever worked for, although not the easiest to work for.

Funny how fast everyone throws the old Jewish businessman under the bus, eh?


Rich people being so forgiving when people steal from them I’m sure there couldn’t possibly have been any reason he didn’t have Epstein charged.




You don’t think he was aware that a close longtime associate was using his connection to the VS brand to get attractive young girls by claiming he could get them modelling jobs? That’s not the kind of thing that escapes the attention of a successful and competent owner of a major brand, especially when Epstein’s proclivities for underage girls were an open secret amongst Wexner’s peers.

No-one here has claimed that Wexner is a paedophile – his involvement with Epstein predates the hedge fund. No-one here except you has mentioned that Wexner (or Epstein) is Jewish, mainly because it’s completely beside the point.

It’s understandable that Wexner wants to distance himself from his old money manager and friend now that his activities are more than an open secret. And I believe him when he says Epstein stole from him. But let’s not pretend Wexner is some sweet summer child who was completely oblivious to what was going on.