List of Epstein associates drops

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Vastly newsworthy, and no mistake. But might keep grimly in mind that anyone who voted for trump knowing about his rapes, frauds, misogyny, racism, endless lying, hitler/putin loving, overthrow of democracy, disgust for veterans etc etc wouldn’t change their vote ‘just’ because he went on several Epstein flights to molest underage girls -sigh-


Ten Internet Points to the first person to document Alan Dershowitz on there…


Sure, but Tromp’s not the only big fish about to get hooked (if not caught, yet).


Fox News keeps talking about Clinton being on the list, but will they ever mention Trump? This is just more fodder for politicos half truths.


If the list listed from PACER is correct it doesn’t sound like Trump is on the list.


There’s a lot of lists in this case, it may not be the right list I’ve seen.

I predict one of his followers will say Trump was there to rescue the girls, and Trump will hear this and repeat it. Also that a big strong tough man will come to him, with tears in his eyes, and say thank you, sir, for arresting Epstein.


The lists and pdfs are available on, which is a free alternative to PACER that takes advantage of the fact that PACER is selling open information.


So, like, this has been known by authorities for awhile, right? Are we ever going to see any charges? Or no, because while you can prove someone hung out with Epstein, you can’t prove what they did? And I am sure that he had both legal and illegal activities so people could have plausible deniability that didn’t do anything illegal.

Wouldn’t you have to have the victims testify? But even then with out more evidence it is their word against some of the most rich and powerful people in the world, and I don’t blame them for not wanting to be put through a trial.

Frustrating all the way around that we basically know bad shit happen and some of the people involved and yet nothing is really being done.


The people initially on this list were redacted by the judge because the fear that the list would be used to implicate people who were not connected to Epstein’s sexual crimes but were connected to him via his legitimate business interests. The implication was made that the only way we can know that and know that the list isn’t protecting actual criminals is if the list were made public. Formerly, this was under seal, so prosecutors already knew and investigated these people, and the judge found that disclosing them would be prejudicial against them. But, people in the media pushed, and accused the judge of covering up crimes, etc. So now it’s out there. Everyone deposed or connected to Epstein in the case against Maxwell.

Being on the list only means you were connected to this case in some manner, or the defendants in some manner. It doesn’t mean anything more than that. Fortunately, some of the victims names are redacted still (though many were unredacted in this.)


LOL that didn’t take long at all…


Bill Clinton also mentioned more times than most anyone, with numerous victims, according to that Mario Nawfal guy.


Mario Newfal also implicates Stephen Hawking in an underaged orgy with numerous others.

Double ETA

Looks like the Hawking orgy thing was a meme that Newfal fell for. He was, however, definitely mentioned.


Direct link to the logs:


Definitely not. Remember that messing with underage girls is a feature, not a bug in the MAGA world.


Somehow, I really doubt it was just underaged girls who were the victims of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring.


A cursory web search for Mario Newfal shows he’s one of those endlessly self-promoting cryptobro “entrepreneurs” who has suspect politics and shady financial dealings so I would take anything he posts with a truckload of salt.


I mean, he is posting it with portions of the documents sourced. But some of the posts are also very misleading. He lists Al Gore as being a major name mentioned in them, but the question was “Did you ever see Al Gore anywhere?” and the answers were “No.”


I’m sure much of the stuff he’s posting has some relationship to reality but I don’t see the point in reading his takes when he’s already shown himself to be both biased and easily duped.

Surely there are better sources to look to for what is revealed in these documents? This guy clearly isn’t worthy of the clicks.


CNN has it, but , the main person being deposed that was unsealed has already told all these things to the press.

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Well that tears it. I’m never voting for Bill Clinton again.