Why did Jeffrey Epstein have his own office at Harvard and visit more than 40 times until 2018?

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Huh, I’d have guessed his scene would have been one of the prep schools that focus on getting young teens into places like Harvard.


Welp, if you have a spare office, it’s not unreasonable to let someone use it for $9m.



And if you’ve got an office, you’re going to visit it. Right?


Of course meeting Prep School students in his Harvard Office would have improved his recruiting, I think.


He’s dead. Dead people can’t sue for libel, so it’s fine to just go ahead and say he was a child trafficker.


He started his life of horror as a college drop-out somehow hired to teach mathematics at Dalton, NYC’s fanciest of fancypants private schools. The headmaster at the time was Bill Barr’s daddy.


So it sounds like they got too many spare offices at Harvard if some guy can just more or less give someone an office because he raises money and holds parties.


This is very strange; a small group like this would not normally have offices to spare. The head of the group is a pretty well-respected mathematical biologist. (His group ironically – given Epstein’s crimes – is initialized PED.)


It is not strange, really. They didn’t have an office spare. They had the resources to provide an office to Epstein because he gave them the resources in the form of 9.2million dollars.


Does anyone really believe that there is not a shitload of more information about the whole Epstein story that has not come out? Like why was he given a ton of money from the Victoria’s Secret owner and virtually unlimited control over it? And why did he end up with so many very rich and powerful people in his orbit (Prince Andrew for instance)? And why hasn’t his procuress (Ghislane Murdoch) been indicted for contributing to the delinquency of minors, if nothing else? And who gave the orders to leave him unattended long enough to commit suicide in a cell as a high risk inmate? And why wasn’t there better video coverage of the cell and hallway? And Bill Barr’s daddy, what’s up with that?

I know this can sound like conspiracy 101, but WTF?

Too much about this whole story that is unaccounted for…


Office, sex dungeon.
Tomato, tomahto.


I hate articles like this. Do some research or prognosticate about the why or something? Just saying rich guy has office at university that he donated money to… seems suspicious. I dunno this sounds like every other conspiracy theorist out there about whatever. Yes Epstein happened to be a vile person. Just not sure what conclusion I’m supposed to draw.

Not only was this guy a Bond villain, he was tied into the nation’s ruling elite. Which is why I’ll be shocked if we ever know the full extent of his evil.


If he were still alive he’d be in a submarine petting a white cat and referring to his underlings by their number.


I haven’t followed the Epstein saga in detail, but I believe that it’s generally recognized that the duo was running a blackmail and coerced influence operation. In which case it’s pretty clear that there are many many powerful people who stand to lose a lot of status and/or freedom if the full truth comes out.


Gotta be more. Does $9.2 million really impress a $41 billion endowment?


Possible answer to most of your questions: He was the Master of the Honeypot (aka Honeytrap).


It really doesn’t work that way, or hasn’t in any of the several research universities where I have been a faculty member. The donation would go to a central source, something like a foundation, and then would be administered to the unit as a grant, with a dean or director being accountable to the foundation for how the money gets spent. Infrastructure, like offices, are allocated by that director from space allocated centrally by the campus, and not built to purpose for one grant.

I don’t think this is mysterious in this case. Epstein was in love with science from an early age, loves to surround himself with scientists, and wanted to consider himself an active part of the community. For him this was like owning a big boat might be for some other rich person, part hobby and part status symbol.


That an otherwise prestigious and well-respected private university let a convicted child molester use an office there - after he was convicted - and shouldn’t have?