Jeffrey Epstein, rich sex offender, pays to keep teen victims from testifying

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Aren’t contracts suppose to be nullified when criminal activity is involved?


“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”
President Donald J Trump


Not necessarily and not for cases like this. The rule, abbreviated, is that you cannot create a contract for illegal goods and services. Not that you can’t create a contract that “touches” anything illegal. Accord and satisfaction to settle a case is not an illegal service or form of consideration. Courts can still compel testimony in criminal trials, even if silence is a condition of the accord.


I often wonder how often forces create or amplify conspiracy theories because there are true conspiracies that are similar.

Ex: start/amplify a conspiracy that the government “did 9/11” to detract believability from true facts like Saudis gave money and support, government probably missed key intel.

Ex: start/amplify a conspiracy that powerful politicians are running a secret sex dungeon in a pizza parlor to make true stories like the one in OP seem “crazy”.


What, no mention of the prosecutor who let Epstein off the hook for what is usually a crime pursued and punished to the maximum limits? Prosecutor Alex Acosta, who is now Trump’s Labor Secretary.


I was just about to say, “Isn’t that the guy that was allegedly affiliated with 45?”

Paging Mr. Robert Mueller…


I hope one of his victims murders him.

There was a very credible story, early in the campaign, about Mr. Trump taking advantage of Mr. Epstein’s kind offer of a 13-year-old companion. And it’s worse than it sounds. And then she shut the hell up and disappeared, for some reason.


Because it’s only bad if it’s done in the non-existent basement of a quirky pizza place in Washington DC.


That’s classic projection.

So, we live in a nation that can raise enough of a ruckus to get a boring ancient pop song off several radio stations (Baby it’s cold outside), can get Al Franken booted out of congress, and can get (really) center left college professors tossed out, but when a monster who both rapes and facilitates the rape of underage girls is exposed, the response is basically a giant shoulder shrug? I just have to think that the priorities of the lot of us are WAY off and we are too easily distracted.


Highly disturbing - let’s hope justice will eventually be done.

However, on the matter of things we can control, does Boing Boing really want to be putting pictures of the child victims front and center? It’s a small thing, but something I would imagine BB would usually be more careful of.


Dunno about that. I think I’d be satisfied with one of them permanently mutilating his genitals.

Sputnik News makes National Enquirer look like a bastion of journalism. (Not that they’re always wrong. They’d be more useful if they were.)


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“Pursued and punished to the maximum limits” if you aren’t rich. There have been plenty of cases of rich child-rapers getting no sentence or supervised probation for this sort of thing.

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Sadly that probably wouldn’t end well for the victim either.

I’m hoping for the Mason Verger ending: a filthy rich, drug-addled serial abuser is convinced to cut off his own face and feed it to the dogs, then spends the rest of his life helpless and paralyzed until eventually choking to death in his own eel tank.

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I want him to be around to enjoy his lack of genitals.

Clinton was mixed up with this scumbag as well. He appears to have hedged his bets across both parties