Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta defends giving sex predator Jeffrey Epstein the plea deal of the century

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here’s how you know 100% for a fact Trump is definitely tied somehow to the children (not women, they weren’t adults)

Barr UN-recused himself today from the case after publically recusing himself yesterday and stating he couldn’t be involved because his father was directly associated with Epstein

think about that one, why would Barr risk the controversy and do what even lowlife Sessions wouldn’t do, undo a recussal

of course Trump is a confessed, on tape, sexual assaulter and also that radio interview where he confessed to purposely walking in on girls changing in dressing rooms at beauty contests


I’m nostalgic for the days when “even the appearance of impropriety” was enough to guide government. Now it’s “sketchy as hell, but Dolt 45 demands it, so we’re going to blatantly lie and cheat”.



At this point, I don’t even expect Epstein to get what’s coming to him, let alone any kind of checks and balances to be brought into play against those in power.


It was pretty clear going into this press conference that the outcome would decide if Trump fired him or not, depending on whether Acosta came out of it looking bad (and made Trump look bad by association). So it’s not surprising that “He concluded his statement by lavishing fulsome praise on President Trump.” Acosta obviously knew it, too.


Only if “what’s coming to him” is a seat on the Supreme Court.


I found out at a previous employer that I had replaced someone of 20 years who had been there but had been federally convicted as a child molester.

Everyday I touched the same controls that man touched before me I felt disgusted.

I have absolutely no sympathy for people like this, and they make me want to vomit from the pit of my soul.

To know that the president of the United States has probably been one of them and at the very least associates with people who have and do and even defends them makes me even sicker


i kind of wonder - in the off chance we don’t get a permanent trump family kleptocracy - whether the presidential election after this next one will be normal or not.

are we destined for decades of rotating deplorables from the republicans, or, when they lose, in their misery will they start supporting actual conservatives again?

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In the courtroom, watch the balance of the scales
If the price is right, there’s time for more appeals
The strings are pulled, the switch is stayed
The finest lawyers fees are paid
And a rich man never died upon the chair

The finest justice money can buy.


The Repiblucan Party is now fine with raping little children and concentration camps. Think about that for a moment.


GOP is also okay with nice Nazis, racist murders, and a much sicker US populace. And Russian manipulation.

NYPD is apparently okay with raping children, too.


Nothing new there.


We saw the Bush era Republicans morph out of being “Bush republicans” when Bush was toxic and into Tea Party patriots, who then morphed back into rank and file republicans. Who didn’t really expect to become Trumpists, but they either grit their teeth and dance for him and wait for him to go away, or figure they’re getting enough “conservative issues” (judges, abortion, and immigration) settled in a way they like so don’t mind him. While there are reasonable republican sorts, they tend to lose out to unprincipled faux populists like Trump, so when Trump, hopefully, leaves, they’ll be a dozen jockeying to be the next Trump. Trump has lowered the bar, as he’s proven you can be stupid, ignorant and without scruples and still manage to be president of these united states.


In reading Julie Brown’s account, it should be noted that the only people besides journalists who were pushing for Epstein to be punished was the Palm Beach police, including their chief of police, who involved the FBI when he saw local prosecutors were willing to let Epstein skate. There are truly shitty cops in the world, and these NYPD cops should be in a cell next to Epstein, but the cops involved listened to the children who were raped by Epstein and it seems like they were doing the right thing.


Some of Lincoln’s predecessors qualify too. But life was simpler then.

Meanwhile, recall that Tramp cut his teeth as a media personality. USAnians and media are queer for stars. Tramp was savvy enough to exploit that. McLuhan is validated: Tramp’s projection IS the message.

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Trumpism seems to work in limited fashion for Non-Trumps. It is a bit of a cult of personality.

Not that lightning can’t strike twice, but I think the right wing will back off after losing a few races with Trump-likes.

I hope anyways.


I wish - but I think for a huge chunk of their base - they’re a case of the scorpion and the frog.


“So for Secretary of Education we want the rich donor who hates public schools and has never set foot in one as a student. Ideally a business woman with absolutely no experience or education in teaching. For Attorney General we want the guy who acts like the president’s lawyer, and doesn’t believe the president can be found to have broken the law. For Department of energy, we need someone famously stupid in charge of handling nuclear technology.” For DOI and EPA we of course want corporate toads. “Who do you want for secretary of labor?” “Well, since we’re looking for the absolute worst, ideally we’d want someone who’s enabled child sexual slavery in order to curry favor with a billionaire…”