Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein's curious connection

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Hillary: “But her emails!”
Bill: “But his females!”

If this account is true, it suggests Trump wasn’t concerned that any Epstein-related dirt might come out about him. That might mean there was none, or it might mean that anything that did happen between him and Epstein happened in places he controlled. Maybe even Trump is smart enough to realize that if you’re going to have some skeevy hobbyist procurer hook you up with a supply of underaged women, you should make sure it happens at your resort rather than his.


a claim Dershowitz vehemently denies

Dershowitz denies it while at the same time paying off the accuser.


Democrats may soon have an opportunity to question Pecker

Roger That!


Or he just doesn’t care.


That seems far more likely.

There’s already an accusation of the rape of a minor by 45 out there, but the story “conveniently” got buried and passed over in 2016.


Not from Pecker or the Enquirer at any rate, but then why would he? Pecker used his power as a publisher to help hush up people who had dirt on Trump for years.


Epstein’s extraordinary plea deal suggests that there are a lot of child molesters in high places over whom he holds leaverage. I’m pretty sure that there’s a storm brewing at the top, between parties that try to keep the lid on that can of worms versus those that want to open it.


Scumbags-one and all.

Seriously, the concept of equal justice under the law is the biggest lie every promulgated.

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“Inquiring minds want to know.”

Really? It suggests more to me that his boatloads of money got him a team of especially “effective” lawyers.

I’m pretty sure that there’s a storm brewing at the top, between parties that try to keep the lid on that can of worms versus those that want to open it.

And your evidence is?

Father of two girls, 7 & 11 here. My 11 year old reads the news. Why the everlasting frak do I have to explain this shite to her at this age when it comes to the god-damn POTUS? She’s a smart, mature girl and so she can handle it, but how do you distill the true depravity of what a child molester is to kids who haven’t had sex-ed yet at 7? We’ve already had the “touching” conversation, but “Dad, why do women and girls still support Trump if he’s so disrespectful”?

I even have to glaze over some questions they have when we listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” in the car which sucks because I feel like I’m being disingenuous.


Trump pouring over National Enquirer articles before they are printed speaks volumes as to what the man considers “real” news.

That really is a damned good question. Speaking for the only woman I personally know who still supports Trump in spite of his obvious Trumpiness, she watches nothing but Fox News and they tell her that it’s all lies made up by the liberals.


It could be an actual draining of the swamp here if it can purge both parties of their child molesters. But I have the strange feeling Democrats are more willing to give up their own here than Republicans. Pedophilia doesn’t seem to bother them much (See Roy Moore).

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Or - the most likely answer - he’s too stupid, arrogant, clueless, self-absorbed, sociopathic, out of touch with reality, senile, and/or easily distracted.


No. The concept is right and good. The claim that it is actually upheld in real life is the biggest lie ever made.


When I was growing up I thought that our Presidents were bright, capable, qualified people who had our best interests at heart, and in the worst case we’d have to sit through a term of a Buchanan or a Harding until we could get another great American in office. Hell, even Nixon wasn’t a complete shit. But how do you explain this current monstrosity to a child? Someone who is completely unqualified, does not have our interests at heart, and is a completely corrupt racist sexist kleptocrat who, get this, enjoys hurting children? Not only does his administration needlessly separate them from their families and put them in concentration camps, but he almost certainly rapes them. The only thing worse than explaining that to a child is explaining that We The People elected him and We The People are not going away, not after he’s out of office, not five years after, and not fifty years after. And the only thing worse than explaining that is explaining that these people don’t look like inhuman monsters or villainous thugs, but look like you and me and can temporarily hose the mud off of themselves and act like you and me. Try explaining to a little girl that her kindly little old grade school teacher wants children who look just like her to be locked up in concentration camps, and the cruelty is the point, and she’s just itching waiting for the Democrats to be out of power so she doesn’t have to be politically correct anymore.

I’m so glad I have no children and never will.

I used to enjoy this show. Now I really can’t. It, just like the rest of NPR, glosses over the absolute shit show that is this nation’s current events so the comfortable white suburbanites listening to it on the drive between the yoga studio and the farmers market can pretend like it all just isn’t happening.



Quite right.

Especially since we’ve done it already, for lesser charges. The GOP clung to Roy Moore so tight that he’s still poking around in politics.