Hatching a fish from a can of supermarket caviar

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I would have expected that canned caviar was flash-pasteurized, or salt cured. Now I’m not sure I want to eat it at all.

Releasing the fish into the wild is likely harmless – a trans-species individual is unlikely to be fertile… and Sturgeon being bottom feeders aren’t so likely to do much ecological harm.


You sure about that?


Near zero.

It’s not gonna breed.


Did you see “the pond” in question?

It’s one of those stone backyard koi ponds.

Like you my first thought was “how did that egg survive all the salt they pack in those tins”? But I guess he specifically had to buy expensive caviar that was processed the least.

And the best part of the video was the visual joke of putting “The End” in French.


He originally had sturgeon caviar, but after acquiring the fish sperm, got carp caviar to match.


Yeah that’s nuts… I’m the video he opens a tin can. I expected maybe something fresh from the fridge section in a plastic tub. I thought part of the canning process involved heat. Any sort of canned fish I’ve ever had (from Tuna to herring and oysters) all have had a sort of overcooked taste and I thought that was just what happened when you canned something. I suppose it is part of the process if it’s gonna be shelf stable but maybe if it’s refrigerated it doesn’t have to be heated. Nuts.

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There are canned items that must be refrigerated – caviar is one, quality crab (which is cooked), is another. But if it’s fertilizable, it’s infectable too.
Carp caviar? Doesn’t sound like good eats. I’ll stick with the maximally processed stuff (day-glo tobiko, for instance)


Worth watching it for the end credit.


jeff goldblum life finds a way GIF


“It’s a bit like you have a massive pair of gonads that you need a wheelbarrow to push around.”

This reminds me of a friend of mine.

Also note: new methods allow for a cesarean section of sorts on sturgeon allowing them to survive the caviar (roe/eggs) extraction process to produce year after year. Old School method was to slaughter them.

PS aquaculture is super interesting


Well, sure, but none of that would be the least likely part of this story.

I’ve seen a deer skeleton in a callery pear, so maybe I am a little paranoid about supposedly safe species ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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