Hate crimes soaring in London, say police

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The situation in Israel is poisoning the world. 400 miles of apartheid wall. Palestinian people imprisoned for 60 years.


Likud and Hamas are both war criminal organizations, Israelis and Palestinians – let alone other Jews and Muslims – are just people. How us this so hard to understand? Is there anyone who would care to be judged by what their government does?


People just don’t want to understand it, I think. It gets in the way of the tribalism that gives them a sense of belonging…


Fucking hell. Given that the British government is actively complicit in the genocide currently being perpetrated by the Israeli government, if Britons are going to commit hate crimes triggered by this, they might as well target themselves, as it makes as much sense. Of course, people just look for excuses to commit hate crimes, they don’t care if there’s any actual connection to the thing ostensibly upsetting them.

Oh cool, the cops are on the job - there might have been hundreds of hate crimes, dozens of them violent, but they caught a couple of people doing graffiti. (Presumably only because the cops happened to be wandering by at the time and caught them in the act.) Problem solved! Meanwhile, displaying a Palestinian flag has been declared a criminal offense and the cops are busy arresting people for that…


" Hate crimes soaring in London, say police"
Presumably the number of hate crimes committed by the Met Police stays pretty stable?


I want you to be wrong, but can’t disagree.

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the directionality might be a bit in question there. the world has done its part to help poison the situation in israel.

eta, to put my post on topic: hate crimes are homegrown. they’re looking for excuses, more than causes


Not least of which is ironically British colonialism. Fucking shame it’s still the colonized, not the colonizers (at least in Britain) still suffering the direct effects of that legacy.

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