Hate site KiwiFarms given the boot by web services provider Cloudflare

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There might be a reason Cloudflare is so reluctant to give disgusting customers the boot.


Due to an imminent and emergency threat to human life our bottom line, …

Fixed it for you.


That’s very helpful context, thanks. I thought this and similar rhetoric was just another case of [Tech CEO Being a Bag of Shit]. But it’s far worse and suddenly past (in)actions make a lot more sense.


Finally! This pleases me enormously and I eagerly await the total destruction of KiwiF*rms, now.


I saw that and it’s so inadivisible it gave me pause about casually throwing it into this post. It’s wild that he would write a defense of that person knowing their background, knowing the receipts, and knowing what is at stake for him and his company in all this.

Put it this way: it simply cannot have sunk in how much scrutiny cloudflare would come under if the kiwifarms thing wasn’t dealt with. That tweet thread has alerted the Echelon of Otherwise Uninterested Mainstream Twitter Journos to the notion of historical nazi associations within Cloudflare itself. It’s a real Yikes of a tweet to have made in September 2022.


In Cloudflare’s defense, it doesn’t really have a bottom line. It’s inherently loss-making on a massive scale (hundreds of millions of dollars a year). It makes Uber look like a gold mine.


This is an extraordinary decision for us to make

Giving scumbags the boot is extraordinary?


They may be used to losing money, but I don’t think they’re used to losing 20% of their market cap in two weeks.


well according to this all they need to do is get rid of their employees and the profit problem is solved!

Cloudflare is not yet profitable on the bottom line because of some non-cash expenses like share-based compensation for employees


It’s not quite as easy as that.

It would be nice if all the scumbag sites just disappeared. This would probably not make a significant difference to Cloudfare’s bottom line, and they would be glad to see them go. But there is a difference between wanting to make them go away, and pulling the plug on a particular one, and inviting all the bomb threats and hate that go with taking action. If I were in the job, I would also wonder what right I had to say one site should exist and another should not. Am I removing the right of expression from those I disagree with? There are probably a few cases that are as clear-cut as this particular one.

In which case, I think ‘exceptional’ is the right word.

An ideal world would not have such people, and a web services provider could be as indifferent to content as the mail or phone service. But they are here, and we have to do something about it. But what? I would like to see some transparent public body rule on what ought to be restricted for the public good. This would take the responsibility of judgement from the individual providers, who would probably be glad to be rid of it; and ensure the harmful sites could not just switch providers.

Yes, there are all sorts of flaws in this. The web is international. Changing your ID is easy. But at least we would be trying to do something.


He said he regretted dumping the Daily Stormer



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Never leave these assholes anywhere to hide.
If it was my job none of these edgy Nazi fucks would have anywhere to hang out and hassle people.

Fuck their free speech when it kills people.


The right of expression is neither dependent on nor affected by one’s access to web hosting service. Those are entirely separate things governed by entirely separate terms.


Indeed. I still reserve my right to self-doubt: this is what separates us and them in their certainty. My point was that relying on the public conscience of the board of a private company does not seem to be a good way to go.

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I’m trans. I don’t have any room for doubt or willingness to debate with people who want me dead or their enablers.


I struggle to call what the denizens of KiwiFarms do “free speech”. They are fucking Nazi terrorists and should be treated as such.

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