Have fun skinning garlic cloves with this rubber tube

I wrap mine around screwdriver handles to increase the grip!

Great. Now there’s a unitasker in the tool box, and another one-trick pony in the jumble of junk in the kitchen drawer. Why not one in the medicine cabinet for the plunger handle?

That’s how I separate my egg whites, too. How hard is it to scoop out the orange stuff by hand?

Seriously, though, I’ve never understood this major difficulty with peeling garlic. Maybe for whole bulbs at a time, but the videos provided show that the smush-it and separate-it technique scales quite well.

Aside: When my roommate decided to teach himself how to cook, he interpreted “two cloves of garlic” as meaning two entire bulbs. Personally, I still found it yummy.


And skin shallots!

My housemate got one of these and before I found out what it was I thought it was some sort of cannoli forming tool.

Personally, I find this relentless and shameless merchandising wearing very, very thin. I for one am not interest in seeing Mark’s kitchen draw, which I rather suspect is devoid of 99% of the crap he purports to love. I mean, I know we all have to make a living but Christ the noise to signal ratio is through the roof!

Well, maybe we could combine more than one Mark’s posts to create a meta post. Say we keep the original post title, “Have fun skinning garlic cloves with this rubber tube,” but link it to this post by Mark:

Can you use a Fleshlight to peel garlic? :-0

(Side note: as discussed in another thread, BB doesn’t really care if you specifically buy one of these garlic peelers on amazon, but they do care if you click on the affiliate link (which Mark has inexplicably link shortened). Clicking on the link means that they get a cut of anything and everything you put in your amazon cart in the next 24 hours and buy within 89 days.)

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Guess I missed that thread, but thanks for the explanation. It’s a shame…but i guess all good things must pass (and come out the other end as a steaming turd). I used to enjoy checking BB daily, but it isn’t really worth it anymore. It’s like reading one giant late night infomercial (although at least it’s interspersed by interesting bits from Cory). Auf wiener schnitzel, Mark.

Actually, I should say that Mark gets a cut. Each BBer uses their own Amazon Affiliate account ID in their links.

The details of how affiliate marketing work are interesting and highly relevant. BB should do a post on it someday.

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yes, now that i will be fascinated to read!

Time to add yourself to the list!


Transparency on affiliate links would be appreciated, of course, but I really don’t see any problem with BB posting links like this. I read the blog daily and I don’t mind if they post advertisey (is it a word?) articles like this one. If it helps the BB and its staff, it’s fine by me.

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or get it for 108€ on German Amazon! The most expensive way to peel a garlic clove haha

What I was gonna say. Five [$currency_unit]s for that seems excessive.

Just get them prepeeled. Trust me, most chefs buy them peeled. Huge timesaver and almost just as cheap as buying them whole. Why bother peeling in the first place?

I have an ugly scar on my thumb from trying to smash a clove with the side of a knife. There must be dozens of other tools or objects to accomplish that with less risk.

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It’s one of those things that makes me think “Well, this is stupidly risky” each time I do it, but still do it anyway. As you point out, I should bash the cloves with something else, so I’ll give that a try next time.

Paul’s Iron Law of Garlic: If it says two cloves, it meant to say three. Always round up.


Use a bench scraper.

I’ve never had that problem but then I’m generally in no particular hurry and take time to be careful. The only time I’ve ever injured myself is when I convinced myself to try slicing onions the way the TV chefs say you are supposed to, starting with horizontal cuts. I decided to let them do it the right way and I’ll keep doing it the safe way.

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Well, you have to remove your hand from under the knife, see… :wink:

Like I said in my comment, you can easily use the bottom of a glass to smash without fear.

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