My favorite garlic crusher


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But garlic hands keep the vampires away!


Those rocker ones are nice, but nothing beats a hydraulic press in the kitchen for crushing garlic.



I use the side of a knife to crush garlic, too. It’s one of those tasks that really isn’t improved by a gadget, IMO.


I prefer the one with the custom garlic shotgun rounds. Or the one where they pour hot garlic into a fish tank.


True. Since I started to use a garlic press I have been bitten by zero (0) vampires.


I’ve found nothing beats a medium-fine microplane grater. Everything else doesn’t quite shred it properly (except for a blender, which is just a pain to wash up).


hmmmm…read the amazon reviews folks.
but hey, men and women can use it easily… O_o


So, I have one of these. About the worst thing I can say about it is that garlic likes to get stuck in the openings (and therefore needs to be rinsed away).

That being said, a good microplane rasp grater is my go-to now for garlic. I peel, grab the wood end and grate them. Takes seconds.

Weapon of choice:


I change garlic mashing methods depending on my mood and / or the number of cloves:

  • 1 clove – microplane. Any more than that, the finger-tip skin + leftover garlic decision ratio becomes wasteful.
  • 1 clove for salad dressing – mash with a fork and some salt.
  • 2-3 cloves – smash with knife and mince.
  • 4-5 cloves – use my regular old school garlic press.
  • 6-100 cloves – food processor.


But why use a multitasker like a good old-fashioned knife when you can have a crapgadget for every job?


that’s probably fair. I haven’t needed to do that many cloves outside culinary school, but definitely if I needed to do many cloves, and it wasn’t important to puree them, then the post’s tool would be pretty effective, actually.

Oh, so, so many close calls. I started learning to leave the wood end on just for that reason.


Pah! Sharp knife, and watch your fingers.


I’m glad. Last time I used a garlic press, I crushed something that wasn’t garlic :scream:


It’s very useful in case the vampires attack.


Mark Frauenfelder’s house must be filled with the most amazing collection of nearly useless gadgets ever.


I vote for a video tour of his gadget collection someday :smiley:

This particular gadget is far from useless though, certainly easier to clean than a traditional press.


Perhaps not useless, but unnecessary. The garlic press itself is not needed when there is a knife. A knife can crush garlic, it can also mince and slice.


I agree that a knife is easier if I’m just doing a small amount of garlic. In the rare situation that I’m doing a lot of garlic it’s easier for me to just use the garlic press that I already own than to work for the money to order a replacement and find someone to give the old one to.


It’s far easier to use a press. You can put garlic in a press without peeling it, a task I abhor. I quickly cut off the bottom of the cloves and then throw as many as will fit in my press. It’s so efficient, I’ll never use another method.