Have we hit peak "could you not?"

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Google ngrams taps out around 2008, which is a shame because I think that’s right around when we hit peak “Would you kindly” (at levels “Could you not” only dreams about)



Meanwhile fleek has been merely resting for 200 years, girding its strength for a big surge in popularity.


I’ll wait for the more elegant “kindly refrain” to become fashionable again.


As long as “make no mistake” is launched into deep space to never be heard from again, I’m okay with “could you not['s]” comeback.


And “the” has been slowly declining from its 6% high in the 1800s, to less than 5% over the past few decades. Definite articles just don’t get the respect they used to.


Cool beans! I just n-grammed my last name, saw a (relatively) huge one year spike in 1843, did a little googling and learned about the “Disruption of 1843”, a schism in the Church [Kirk] of Scotland.


What about that middle name?


And apparently, “Die in a fire” should die… in a fire.

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I for one literally (literally literally, natch) did not know THIS. Was. A. Thing.
True story!!!1YOLO!!!

Edit: for more awesomesauce.
PS I await teh orbital nukes.
PPS What good is written language and abbrevs if not to annoy your fellow humans? Good day.

Furbelow is apparently on the way out.

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Back in style” is so last century.

I’m pretty sure we’re beyond Peak Peak Oil, but the data haven’t caught up to it yet.


Of course, in English English “could you not” is the start of a suggestion, as in “could you not take up sword juggling?”


I wish this covered periodicals and (especially) blogs between 2008 and 2015. I have become convinced that we’d see a huge recent spike in “is/are not new” and “nothing new.”

Even though they’re both… er, nothing new.

I can’t even.

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