Same-sex marriage clears last hurdle in UK


Hello UK, from Canada! How’s Cory? Also, welcome to our 2006. You’re welcome.


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She’s already assented it. She’s an assentin’ machine, all assentin’ in your FACE.

I don’t know why I did that.

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Northern Ireland will not be passing such a bill.

And it’s actually getting some fight in Scotland, though it will pass.

I was under the impression that all things warrant a fight in Scotland.


I’m a little bit gutted that this happened in England/Wales before Scotland. I thought we started seriously working on this law before they did!

It’s pretty exciting though, whichever order it happens in!

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Scotland really did start working on a bill before England/Wales did. It just got caught in a bit of a legal kerfuffle because some other laws needed to be amended before this one could go in properly, and there were some non-devolved bits that had to be passed back to London before this bill could be introduced. But the good things are:

  1. It is coming, and it has massive-cross party support, so it absolutely will pass.
  2. If anything, all the wrangling has lead to it being a better bill than the one down south.
  3. This is indicative of how fast opinion is flowing in favour of more equality. After Scotland took the lead on this, the government of the rest of the UK went from opposed to passing a bill in the time it took us to do the paperwork.

Can the Queen actually withhold royal assent on a bill? I mean, yes, technically she’s probably allowed to, but if she actually did, things would get really messy I assume.

I don’t think Liz will ever withhold assent - it’s not in her nature.

Charlie though… he’s got some pretty strongly held beliefs and I can see him making a stand in certain circumstances (understanding that he’s risking his family’s unique position in the process).

Indians (the non-resident ones, I guess) are pretty cool about all this, apparently. Check out this album of a FF wedding. Nice :100:


[quote=“jonbly, post:9, topic:4197”]
I don’t think Liz will ever withhold assent - it’s not in her nature.
[/quote]I was going to say “What a Queen!” but I was afraid it might be misconstrued.

She can, but the last time a GB monarch did so was in 1708. In practice there’s a much more subtle way she can influence things; any bill in parliament which would affect the monarch’s private estate or income has to be proposed to her quite early on in the process, and can be quietly vetoed or altered at that stage. Same goes for any bill which would affect the interests of the duchy of cornwall: Charles gets to have a say on those. This arrangement has been kept very quiet by the court and by successive governments, but the Guardian is trying to expose it.

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