UK government blocks Scottish law making it easier to change legal gender

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You can’t say that the Tories haven’t made their priorities clear as they choose the basis on which to deliver this major and legally unprecedented insult to Scotland. They want to assure the bigots who make up their base that “equality” is defined as being able to make trans people miserable wherever one is in the United Kingdom.

I hope this helps spur another independence referendum. As long as the Tories have a chance at forming a government in Westminster, Scotland will be better off on its own.


I’m absolutely raging. There’s a rally/protest planned outside the UK Government offices in Edinburgh at 13:30 on the 19th, if you’re able to join. I’m just trying to think of decent pithy slogans for a sign or two.

Here’s another decent summary of things in the context of the wider UK:


I guess if you’re either the Labour or Conservative party in Westminster, this is a pretty easy fight to wade into, attempting to woo the most bigoted voters of the UK. And of those who suffer needlessly because of it? Ha! Trans people? Scottish devolution? I’d like to know which UK media organisation is going to hold them to account for that!


Notably, the UK government know that this bill is within the Scottish Government’s powers, and know that this doesn’t have any impact on the UK Equalities act, firstly because there’s an amendment in the Scottish bill that explicitly states that nothing in the bill overrides anything in the equalities act, and more tellingly, if the UK government thought this was outside the Scottish Government’s remit, they could challenge it at the supreme court. They haven’t done this, choosing instead to overrule the bill entirely.




Well, this is disappointing, but we have to remember that the Conservative Party and its leader Mr. Sunak enjoy the unqualified support of a huge majority of people in the British Isles, and have a long track record of acting wisely and judiciously in the best interests of the nation, so this minor issue must be set against their history of successes and … (touches earpiece) … what’s that?

I’m sorry, I’ve just been informed that the Conservative Party are a truckload of venal wankers whose leader was selected by a backroom clique once it became obvious that the previous incumbents couldn’t be trusted to run anything more significant than a church hall fête, and that they have, over the past decade or so, managed to pile trainwreck upon trainwreck while cuddling up to bigots of every possible stripe and handing increasingly large quantities of the national wealth to their billionaire pals, and that in short this latest heinous piece of cockfuckery is entirely on-brand for this passel of vermin, and …


“Rot in hell, Tories”? “Fuck all the way off, tories”? “Tories are bloody bigots”? I realize none of these sound either British or Scottish enough… Nor angry enough…


and the icing on this shit cake…


Labour can get fucked too… So sick of all these assholes just perfectly willing to throw a whole group of people under the fucking bus, just to stay in power. Assholes all.


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We should go build our OWN society, with hookers and cocaine! Or… maybe just equality, democracy, and freedom for all! Including the hookers.


Chasing the bigot vote, because it’s easy to sway, isn’t a good long-term strategy.


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And yet they keep doing it… Tories, Labour, GOP, Democrats, etc… who cares what bigots think or feel or want. They’re BIGOTS!


Speak for yourself, I certainly care what bigots think and feel.

I like it when bigots think of their ideas as unpopular and feel too isolated and ashamed to express their bigotry.


Especially for a party like Labour that claims to support liberal democracy. Bigots by their nature tend to lean toward authoritarianism. This should be obvious by now, but the Third Way keeps enabling the Third Position.



Make bigots ashamed again?

Honestly, I’m more than a little tired of politicians chasing the bigot vote and the media rushing to platform said bigots, acting as if hating someone for no reason is a defensible political position.


I hope that within my lifetime the whole idea of “legal gender” just goes away.


Part of me was sort of tempted to invoke a thoroughly inappropriate writer with one or two of these, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Our local WhatsApp group of parents of trans kids has featured a decent quantity of profanity in the last 24 hours, but I quite liked this suggestion from my normally fairly quiet wife: “Leave trans rights and Scottish devolved powers alone (you fucking wankers!!!)”. Might not get pictures of that in many news stories, though…