UK opposition leader glitterbombed on stage

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His transphobia will depress it further. I don’t care if the dog turd sundae has a Labour or Tory rosette on it, it’s still a dog turd sundae.


A ton of glitter couldn’t make that Tory-lite fuckwit sparkle.


A neoliberal politician sprinkled with a little glitter is a pretty apt metaphor for current centrist “at least we’re not those fascists!” politicians.


Certainly about as deep as their commitment to queer rights.


Everything I’m reading about UK politics right now seems to amount to Labour quietly letting everyone assume they’re not Tory fascists, while not actually proposing anything different - and in fact often stating they won’t change specific existing, rather fascist, Tory policies. So making assumptions they’re really that different seems unwarranted, just based on the current evidence.


Labour have just promised that they would ban all conversion therapy and have no loopholes, but considering Keir Starmers history with promises I’m expecting a loophole big enough to drive a haul truck through, just for trans people.

Anneliese Dodds is my MP, and she has U-turned so often on trans issues that I can’t believe a word she says either.


Labour - Not As Evil As Those Guys.

Like, if Asda did an own-brand Conservative for 68p in a bland tin, but then you open it and realise, yeah, this is fucking awful, actually.


Few substances created by Man are as evil and vile as glitter. No decorations, no cards, nothing with a hint of glitter is allowed into my house. Can’t get that crap outta the carpet.


A lot of Labour’s reluctance to commit to specific policies is the hard learned lesson of what happened to Ed Miliband when he proposed fully costed detailed policies - the press monstered him and Labour spent all its energy trying to overcome the lies rather than fighting the Tories. Without detail, the press has much less scope to attack them.

Given the state of Labour just four years ago and the genuine dislike much if the electorate had for Corbyn and his team (justified or not), it is extraordinary Labour is not just in contention for the next election- but actually favourites to win.

The conference outlined some good policies - but only in broad brush terms - I look forward to hearing some details and perhaps have some pleasant surprises to get the UK back on track. Maybe with Labour in power and the Tories in opposition tearing themselves apart over who can be the most Aynrandian there will even be a possibility of gradually realigning with the EU and undoing some of the damage caused by Brexit.

Although I have no illusions about the economic catastrophe the next government is going to inherit - the country is in a much worse state than in 1997, but unlike Blair, they won’t be inheriting a growing economy, cheap energy and a relatively settled international situation. It’s going to be more like 1945 - but our American friends won’t be coming with a chequebook.


Or - they don’t have a single fucking clue.


I mean it might - but it’s not far up the list of things the electorate are concerned about currently.

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I understand the strategy of “don’t interrupt your enemy when they’re busy destroying themselves” that would lead to Labour being silent as the Tories utterly shit the bed, but I’m reading about instances where Labour are being specific, but by committing to maintaining the existing Tory policies (or doing something equally horrible in line with what the Tories are doing), in terms of trans rights, immigration, etc. That doesn’t entirely make sense to me, even if they feel like being pro-drown-the-immigrants-in-the-channel (or whatever) is a hugely popular position, given that their entire winning strategy right now is to just… not be the Tories.


It would be nice if they knocked it the fuck off, then, because the amount of it in the news and social media every day is destroying my mental health.


I’m not talking about the general population, I’m talking about how LGBTQIA people feel betrayed by Keir Starmer and have lost all trust in him. That may fuck things up in marginal seats where the Lib Dems, SNP or Greens are the other party likely to win.

I gave Keir a chance, but I never expect him to be the treacherous bastard he has shown himself to be. I hate him almost as much as I hate the Tories, and I refuse to vote for Labour until he is gone. I don’t care who replaces him, as long as they aren’t a TER too.

And don’t get me started on how he dropped cases where transgender people were the victim when he was in charge of the CPS. I should have taken that into account when I gave him a chance.


Glitter is impossible to get rid of, so at least he had the sense to not really bother. That suit’s going to have glitter in it forever.

But wow, that’s not great security. They should have been quicker than that.

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About that…


They weren’t exactly generous in 45 either. The attitude then was “Thanks for helping us beat the Germans. Now, here’s the bill for all that lend-lease. And we’re taking all the nuclear secrets too.”

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Facepalming over the fact that “Poverty/inequality” is:

  1. Treated as a separate thing and
  2. Not the top of the damn list.

Like, pretty much all of the other things you could put in a sentence like:

“Why isn’t X better? Because of inequality”

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I point you to the $3.7 billion delivered to the UK by the Marshall Plan - 90% of which was gifted. We got one quarter of all the aid sent to Europe which is equivalent to something like $35 billion these days.

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