Britons alarmed by unpleasant border infrastructure they demanded

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Christ, it’s so fucking stupid and depressing. All the Red Wall Tory voters are getting a good sized dose of buyer’s remorse right now as well.


green and pleasant land


In other words, “You can come to this meeting and complain, and that’s it. Maybe you’ll feel better after venting, but nothing’s gonna change.”

The illusion of democracy as a security blanket.


Who cares what the people of Kent think? You need a passport to get into there. They’re doing this simply to avoid the obvious solution of a border at the sea.

Fuck those bastards.


“New Group to Manage Baby Garden” is the real story here.


About the only silver lining to all this is the knowledge is that American voters aren’t the only people this stupid, gullible, and easily manipulated. Britons were conned into voting explicitly to destroy their entire economy just so a few rich bastards could get tax breaks. Soon, Scotland, Wales, and NI will disassemble the last remnants of the UK for their own survival, England will sink onto full depression - both economically and emotionally - and those responsible will have moved to France or Belgium and will watch it all from their megayachts.


It’s worse than that, thanks to powers that the Westminster government gave itself in the Brexit bill, they didn’t have to go through standard planning processes (which would have at least warned local residents), instead they just decided to build it there, and the first thing the locals knew about it was the lorries turning up.
‘Taking back control’ amirite?

I wonder how far up the list of contractors you have to go before you find Tory donors charging ridiculous ‘consulting’ fees?


I am much more concerned about “water quality holding up housing plans.”

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That sums it up if you’re an English immigrant I imagine


I can’t like that, firstly because England destroying itself isn’t on my happy things list, and secondly because if we know anything about English Tory imperialist scum, and we do, it’s that they make other people pay for their fuckups and fuckwittage. They’ll shaft Wales, Ireland and Scotland.


These things could be interesting.
Here we have a lorry parking and express courier warehouses that have railways inside, and this was made by a real estate company.

Nearly was built a warehouse for fresh foods owned by a cooperative. For some strange reasons there is a railway stopping 300 meters before entering the premise. See google maps.

I think that was poorly thought because with a railways a and some express courier warehouse that lorry parking could become actually useful.


The Tories might be mega fuckwits, but they aren’t completely stupid.

The odds of Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales being given a shot at independence is basically 0 now. They’ll happily put something like the Catalonian vote down with even greater repression.

The other nations aren’t going to be able to save themselves.

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They can console themselves with the sweet, sweet taste of chlorinated chicken.


Well, I do. A bit.

And to be fair, it’s nice that we might actually get a half decent place for lorry drivers. At the moment every layby and back lane gets filled with lorry drivers every night because all the NIMBYs say no to having a lorry park anywhere near them.

Then they get annoyed about Operation Stack or Badger’s Rest or whatever it’s called now.

Shame it seems to take a damn silly idea like Brexit to get it. And of course it still won’t be a decent rest stop and the poor sods will no doubt continue to have to piss in bottles and shit in bushes - which of course will have been eradicated.

I think a border at the sea is precisely what they want - at this bit of sea anyway. Not bit that’s on the other side towards Ireland. Not at all. That bit of ocean is completely different.


To be fair, when the fuckwit leavers voted for this omnishambles they were under the illusion that promises from slytherin-mouthed idealogues like Gove were true - i.e. that there’d be no difference, we’d still be in the single market but we’d just be ‘sovereign’ again and would get our EU subs diverted to the NHS at the rate of £350m a week.

Serves them right for believing a single breath those bastards ever issue. Of course, the lying fuckwits will get the Daily Mail to blame it all on the EU, so that’ll be alright, then.

The depths of my contempt for Gove, Johnson, et al, know no bounds.


This needs reading, in that context. All about the bottles of fake Irn-Bru…


The Conservative MP Karl McCartney told the transport select committee of a “proliferation of bottles that look like they’re filled with Irn-Bru but they’re not” discarded by truckers on laybys.

I think Hansard has coped with worse words than “piss” or “urine”.


Being a Conservative fuckwit he’s probably ‘thinking of the children’ who might try to drink these attractive bottles of ‘Irn-Bru’