Video emerges of Prime Minister's staff joking about their illegal Covid christmas party at Downing Street

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There wasn’t a party in No. 10.

There seems to have been several.

Stratton has had a short career with Government and has managed to stay more out of the limelight than a press secretary might be expected.


He is the anti-WOMBLE



Calling Johnson a Womble is an insult to Wombles, isn’t it?


Tories gleefully breaking a law they impose on the “little people”? How can this be?


Wow, even Ant and Dec are on it.


Muppet-Looking people… make very bad Prime Ministers.
(And if Johnson is the “Prime” minister… what must the lesser ones be like?!?)

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Ant and Dec are from my neck of the woods, Newcastle upon Tyne. I was offered an acting part in the show that made those guys and at the same timeframe. Alas my parents wouldn’t allow it for religious reasons. I met the producer later in life when I worked at a local University and he indicated he would have hired me. Such is life. Sorry I changed the subject. Fwiw I hate the tories and the sooner we kick the corrupt, self-serving sociapaths out, the better.


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Allegra Stratton - the spokesperson in the video - has just resigned.

“My remarks seemed to make light of the rules, rules that people were doing everything to obey. That was never my intention. I will regret those remarks for the rest of my days and offer my profound apologies to all of your for them.”

She spent the last year not regretting them enough to quit a £125k job where she did essentially fuck-all. She only started regretting them when the video leaked to ITN.

They didn’t seem to make light of the rules - they made light of the rules. She was laughing and joking about a party which took place a day after I attended my father’s funeral where my brother had to spend 10 days in solitary quarantine after flying in from Canada and was unable to see our dad lying in rest; where we were allowed only 20 mourners and had to tell relatives, work colleagues, friends and people he had served with that they could not come; where we couldn’t have the hymns he wanted; where there was no wake and no opportunity to say thank-you to those people who did come through the cold and wet of a mid-December in Cornwall.

Stratton and Johnson are scum. They care only for themselves and weep when they are found out.


A Whitehall source says: “As an ordinary punter it makes me feel stupid for following the rules.”

And this is how lack of respect for sound regulation begins. If anyone was stupidly looking like a muppet, it was the upper-class twits.



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And none of the food or drink served at the party was made in the UK! Muwahaha!

I was offered an acting part in the show that made those guys
You were almost in Biker Grove?!! That is actually a cool story :slight_smile:

On the subject of Boris, if saying “let the bodies pile up” wasn’t enough, how will having a party make a difference? If anything this just distracts everyone from the Nationality and Borders bill being passed. You know, the one where the government can now strip anyone’s UK citizenship as long as they think that the person might be able to get citizenship in another country, or if they already have dual nationality.
(This covers about half of my friends)
Or from the “Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill”, which the government keeps adding more restrictive amendments to, in what looks like an effort to ban any and all protest.

But hey, let’s all fixate on the dead cat he’s thrown on the table, rather than the systematic push to make the UK less democratic.


Johnson (Never ‘Boris’, that’s the stage name of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) is immune to all the career ending gaffs, missteps, lies, dishonesty and failures that would have ended any other PM for two reasons :

  1. No-one else in the party wanted to lead during the shitstorm that is and was BREXIT.
  2. No-one else in the party wants to be anywhere near leading the country through a pandemic.

As soon as there is a clear sight to the worst of CV19 being over - the starting gun will be fired for the Tories to eat their own once again.


To mix too many metaphors.

A stalking horse will be thrown into the ring in a few months to test the water for the more hopeful/likely candidates.


You forgot reason 3

He doesn’t have a functioning opposition.

Keir Starmer is either hopeless or a deep cover Tory and Ed Davey is so anonymous that I had to look on Wikipedia to remind me who was leader of the Lib Dems. Nicola Sturgeon is the closest thing we have to an opposition leader and her party don’t want Scotland to be part of the UK. I wonder if I ask nicely will they will take Oxford when they leave?