UK Political Thread, part the second


I’m sure it’s a complete coincidence that, the day before the elections, Boris sent in the Royal Navy to face off against French fishermen.

I can’t think of anything more likely to send English xenophobes flocking to the party that most likes to wrap itself in the Union Jack.


The Labour party campaigning was a joke

I spent the last few days being bombarded with Vote Conservative adverts on Youtube, despite being one of the people least likely to vote Tory in the UK. I didn’t see anything from the Labour party. It’s like they wanted to lose.

Blue Labour is leading the party to obscurity, and they are in complete denial about how alienating the left (which is far more than just Momentum and Corbynistas) will kill the party. Why vote for the pound shop Tories when the real thing is right beside them? Why vote for Tories at all?

Predictably, the press are blaming Jeremy Corbyn, who hasn’t even had the Labour whip for nearly a year. The one exception is The Jewish Chronicle, who are blaming Ed Milliband for some bizarre reason.

Finally, a prediction for the future



Just change this to the United Kingdom, though that doesn’t have the same ring to it…

“It was just: bung a flag up”

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Starmer must go? When the Tories are so buried in sleaze and corruption and fucking up the pandemic response it’s a real failing of opposition to not take full advantage of that. Then again, I truly despair at the electorate once more.

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That is exactly the kind of non-answer I have learned to expect from the Labour party over the last year.



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Lord Adonis is a long, long way from the first person I would look to for support in getting rid of Starmer, but right now I’ll take it. I can fight against the Blairites later, in the leadership contest.


What has to happen to get a new vote on party leadership?

And his friends in the press made the most of it.

Comparison of French and English newspapers reporting this story- its place on the front page circled in red.


Where? I read the JC pretty much daily, don’t recall seeing him mentioned in years.

Blue Labour is leading the party to obscurity, and they are in complete denial about how alienating the left (which is far more than just Momentum and Corbynistas) will kill the party.

Labour has to decide what it wants its identity to be. Starmer is a poor figurehead for a party which is supposed to be the natural home for the working classes, and he seems pretty lacking in personality, but Corbyn – the consummate back bencher – didn’t do the party any favors either.

Who else is out there? Lisa Nandy?

A successful vote of no confidence by the Parliamentary Labour Party. I expect that someone is going to be a stalking horse candidate, someone who doesn’t have anything to lose by expressing interest in a leadership challenge and isn’t from the extreme ends of the party.

Margaret Thatcher’s first leadership challenge was by a little known back bench MP called Anthony Meyer. He obviously lost, but when it turned out that 60 Tory MPs had failed to support Thatcher it was the beginning of the end of her leadership. The second leadership challenge featured three big name Tories, of which John Major was the eventual winner.

Keir Starmer is no Margaret Thatcher, the left and the right of the Labour party hate him, don’t fear him and would be happy to see him go.


Let’s hope this happens soon. He seems entirely incompetent, and I’m wondering how he got into leadership in the first place.


He was the compromise candidate and the right wing candidate failed to get enough support early on.

The more cynical part of me also remembers that he was the only man out of the final candidates. Either Rebecca Long-Bailey (left) or Lisa Nandy (soft left) would have done a better job.


A bag full of wet hair could have done a better job…

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I think Jess Phillips would have done a worse job, her leadership would have resulted in active transphobia rather than the passive transphobic inaction that Starmer supported.

The fact we have to descend to TERFist bigots to find a worse possible leader is damning.


Two months after he was elected Starmer had the highest satisfaction differential of any opposition leader (Labour or Tory) in a quarter century; part of why he looks so bad today is his fall from his own heights:


I think she’d have been outdone by a bag of wet dogshit… or maybe she is a bag of wet dogshit, dunno, we’ve prety much given up on voting for them. Tony Blair was the death knell for labour, playing the conservative’s game won for a litle while, but since then they haven’t been able to put forward actual opposition or policies without bowing before the great idols of global capitalism and victorian era ideas of deserving/undeserving people.

Spineless, gormless shadows of wha labour actually used to stand for.