UK opposition leader glitterbombed on stage

The UK got ~26% of the



Having the CPS before me in court almost every day I’m sitting, I can assure you that’s not how the DPP or CPS works - 99.99% Charging decisions are made locally based on two questions :

  1. ‘Is there enough evidence against the suspect to provide a realistic prospect of conviction?’
  2. ‘Is it in the public interest to prosecute?’

If they don’t charge there is a statutory VRR (Victims Right for Review) followed by Appeal to the High Court if needed.

None of which involve the DPP.

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He feels like the UK’s Biden to me tbh. I’d prefer Corbyn (Bernie in this metaphor), but honestly anyone with half a grain of compassion is better than the tories.
Mind you, I’m probably voting Green, I disagree with them the least.

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Here’s the thing about rights issues for small minority populations, they will almost never come in near the top on polling like this. The small numbers of the community make that basically certain, but it tends to be an absolute issue. Most of my neighbors won’t list “don’t feed David to wolves” high on their list of concerns if a pollster calls, but I will absolutely not vote for anyone on the wrong side of that issue. I like being on the outside of wolves. I can agree with someone’s take on everything else, but if they want to feed me to wolves, or just a compromise position of letting them gnaw on my leg a bit, they aren’t getting my support. It doesn’t take a large group hurt by such policies to swing turnout in marginal races.

Did anyone hear what the protester said? “Politics needs an update…We demand a people’s…” what?

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Tell that to the trans people who never saw their tormentors in court, despite the best efforts of the police. I am one of them, I actually had a cop tell me to move away from Carlisle because the police could not do anything to stop the people throwing bricks at my windows. They tried but hit a wall even when they had evidence. It took one of my tormentors trying to kick down the mayors front door to finally get just that one person in prison, years after I had left. This is not an isolated case, I have heard similar stories from many other trans people. Some of us have box files filled with reports of transphobic abuse. For a few years it looked like things were getting better, but now we are back to the bad old days where you had to die for anything to happen.

What is the point in reporting crimes when nothing will happen? No effort is made to do anything other than torment the victims, from the police, through the CPS all the way to the courts if we get that far.

Yet as alarming as the police figures are, Morris said they actually understate the problem. Galop’s 2021 Hate Crime report showed that only one in eight queer victims of hate crime reported what had happened to them.

Only 14 per cent of anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes are resolved by the police, the investigative journalism unit Liberty Investigates found.

And that’s before the CPS get their chance. There is no justice for trans people in the UK. No wonder we’re getting attention from the genocide prevention organisations over this issue that you think isn’t important.

I would have left years ago if I had the money, all I can do is hope that the day I need to grab my bug out bag and run for the border never comes (and I don’t have much hope of that anymore). This is literally life and death for me.

Keir is not the solution, for me he is the problem just as much as the Tories. Same abusive rhetoric, except with so many U-turns no-one knows where he is going if they can’t hear the dogwhistles.

Biden is far better to be honest, and that’s coming from someone who thinks he doesn’t go anywhere near far enough.


Things look far more damning when you see what Starmer has said recently

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Calling them the opposition is traditional. i.e. something that was true a long time ago.


ah, yes, Corbyn…

That savvy politician that managed to unite the party and connect with the public and win the election against titans of the political spectrum within the Tory party…

That Corbyn?

or the same Corbyn that lost a GE against Theresa May and a second one against the dreadful Boris Johnson, paving the way for the ERC to gain control of the brexit negotiations which led to the disastrous (for the UK) Trade and cooperation agreement?

lets face it, Corbyn should have never left the back benches. Yes he might be honest and principled, but unfortunately, the majority of the UK electorate did not like him


It’s MICROPLASTICS, and a horrible pollutant to marine environments. Why people can’t just go back to throwing eggs or drinks at people, I don’t know.


Out of context that is terrible - but place it in the reality of a criminal justice system run into the ground by 13 years of austerity politics, it’s a relatively “good” clearance rate.

Burglary is 5%, robbery (theft with violence) 7%, rape 5%.

Regardless, the DPP, even the current one, is not to blame for the current dire state of the CJS.

And how many of those are not reported? I haven’t included rape/SA because I know that those figures have the same problem as LGBTQIA hate crimes of people not reporting crimes because it can be a humiliating experience.

And this is not just a current problem, my issues go back 20 years. In fact I am currently managing PTSD flashbacks because it is 20 years since everything started, and everything seems to be happening again at a national level.

As for Starmer, even if he wasn’t to blame for the transphobia at the CPS, he fit in to the culture well. He has repeatedly shown himself to be an unrepentent transphobe. He is a real danger to me, the same as the Tories. I hate the Lib Dems after what they did in 2010, but I may end up voting for them as long as they stay away from stripping me of my rights. My best hope is for a hung parliament and a weak Labour party forming a coalition.

And I hate that I am in this situation, just like I hate that many people try to handwave my issues away as not important to the country. So many atrocities start that way.

I repeat, I believe Keir Starmer is a real threat to my life.


These are clear-up rates of reported crimes.

Until they are confronted with it, people do not know how dire the state of the CJS is - from end to end.

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unfortunately, the owners of the UK mass media did not like him.

Fixed that for you!


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