Afterbrexit: Scotland trolls Theresa May by passing laws she has ridiculed

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it would turn into a “contagion” that would spread to places like Catalonia, who have looked to the Scots as an example of how they could rid themselves from the right-leaning, austerity-happy Spanish government in Madrid but stay in the EU

This is a bit too reductionist to be true. The current Catalonian political majority in Parlament that is in favor of independence has some anti-austerity, and even anti-capitalist groups. And it also has a very big right-wing component that has been in power in Catalonia for long time and had enacted all the cuts and more without any complain, because they are also neoliberals; they just dont want to be neoliberal Spaniards.


Yes and the cause is the UK political class. Remember Farages catastrophic performance in the EU parliament directly after the vote? Then theres was/is the cowardly resignation of Cameron, the stalling by May combined with the deluded demands for staying in the single market without accepting freedom of movement. Out is out you cowards.


With all due respect, Cory, 45% to 55% isn’t really “a ginger whisker” and they should have made it much closer to 50/50. The 1995 Quebec referendum, at 49.42% to 50.58% (or a little more than 50K votes), THAT was a close one.

In any case, here’s my two thumbs up for the SNP! Go for the throat, whydontcha!


I’d bet good money the next time round the Scotts get that referendum passed to leave Britain & be part of the EU as a sovereign state.

Actually, that would be interesting to say the least.


Mind you, it’s also increasingly clear that it was the whole “SNP/Labour coalition” push that probably got the Tories over the line in 2015, even though the actual likelihood of that coalition happening was absurdly small. (The LibDem/Tory coalition was far, far more plausible in 2010 than any SNP/Labour one in 2015.)

How would they cope with the mass of immigration from England?


What do you think of this?

[Give Britons fast-track citizenship, says Germany’s Green party
(Give Britons fast-track citizenship, says Germany's Green party | Germany | The Guardian)


Serve haggis at every meal time, that’ll fix that. Indeed.


Current polling still has a majority of Scots against independence. If you exclude Don’t Knows, there’s a majority against even if it’s a choice of independence within the EU or leaving the EU along with the UK.

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Haggis 'n chips!

Aw, git yer own!


So early in the morning?

(JK, of course… maybe)

No PM has ever been voted in as PM by the public. That is not how the system works. I wish otherwise intelligent people would wrap their heads around this.


I fucking love haggis.


Well, would they have won with her at the helm in the general, if you want to put it that way? I’d like to hope not.


Good Idea … as long as they’re contributing* I’m fine with the idea. The British are culturally very close and fit right in. Only problem is probably the german language proficiency test that’s required.

Anecdotally I was told that , as I work in social administration and have to give expert opinion in naturalization cases on a regular basis, the Ausländerbehörden (foreigners’ registration office ?) in my state North-Rhine Westfalia got swamped with naturalization requests by UK citizens in the days after Brexit.

*of the more than 100000 british citizen in Germany only 6/7000 receive AlgII (jobseekers allowance).


I’m sure @doctorow is well aware, since he recently lived in the UK.

However, she didn’t take over the party as part and parcel of an election process, which is how it usually happens. From what I remember about the British system, the parties usually pick a leader prior to election time, and then the elections for parliment happens, which puts one party in power, giving them the PM. When you vote for a party, you’re voting for the person you want to be PM as well, right? That didn’t happen this time. She took over party leadership when there was no election, other than the Brexit vote.


Almost completely right: Technically, you don’t vote for the party. You vote for your local MP.

Whichever party has the most MPs elected, usually gets to decide who the PM is. It’s almost always whoever the party leader is at the time of the election. I’m sure there have been exceptions to the rule. (Nunavut comes to mind, which has no political parties.)


I worked for a German subsidiary of my previous UK employer (albeit in the US…complicated). One of the guys I worked with had been living in Berlin for must have been 10 years. Not only couldn’t speak German. Wouldn’t speak German. To the point of walking out of meetings when people started speaking in German. Odd chap. Yeah, business was conducted in English, but even so…