TOM THE DANCING BUG: Learning Big News on Twitter, Through the Ages




I imagine most t-rex would prefer google glass. Could they even see a smartphone if they held it in their hands?


For the first and probably only time ever the "I thought he said we hit a Weissberg" joke is actually funny.


Relevant XKCD:


They'd be alright as long as they kept it moving.


I'm trying to resist the urge to re-tweet this post....


Then there's just the run of the mill snarky tweets.

"Why can't anyone sell something other than apples and pencils during the depression?



'Jesus crucified. Guess that's it for Christianity, then. LOL'


Just to be pedantic, since (the) Christ is just a different language for (the) Messiah this doesn't quite work. But, then, LOL!!! smile


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