Have you tried the “best” bagel in Seattle?

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is Spot Bagel still around in Seattle? it was my fave when i used to be a bicycle messenger. i delivered paycheck packages to the downtown locations and they would give me whatever hot, fresh bagel just came out! my very most favoritest was their jalapeno bagel. didn’t need anything on it! mmmm… hot, dense carbohydrate biker feul. just what i needed.


Is the photo from the actual bagelry or is it a stock photo? Because if it’s the former, that’s barely any lox at all.


Stock, perhaps. Here is front page of insta:

East Coast and West Coast. /pedantry

“Best” as voted on by whom? Bob Knetzger? I can’t abide by the sample of one. :wink:

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How do I know those “bagels” aren’t really week-old doughnuts?

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I dunno. I think Blazing Bagels is fucking awesome. Their bakery/main store is in Redmond but they have storefronts throughout the area. They have amazing lox, pastrami, and roast beef if you want something more substantial than a simple bagel and schmear. You can get all the toppings you’d expect (capers, red onion, tomato, etc.). They have delicious pickles.

It certainly ranks among some of the best I’ve had outside of NY.

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I haven’t found a Seattle bagel to match the late beloved Bagel Deli on 15th, driven out of town, like all the best places have been, by outrageous rent hikes.

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A true bagelry isn’t a cafe or a restaurant and typically don’t make sandwiches. My guess is this is OP’s bagel made at home.

The thing about bagels like any other regional favorite, is that it’s not tough to make it the right way, you just have to want to do it.
And making bagels the right way is time-consuming - I know, I’ve done it in my kitchen. Once. :slight_smile:
They came out amazing, just like the best ones I’ve had in NYC. But it’s a lot of work, and we have a bagel shop not too far from us that makes really nice ones. Don’t get me wrong, I like cooking and baking at home, but I doubt I’ll make them again.


I’d settle for any good bagels around here. The two bagels shops I know in this city went bust last year, and the owner of the only other place I know of is flirting with bankruptcy and stiffing her suppliers.

Kelly Cannoli has bagels overnighted from NY twice a week: https://www.kellycannoli.com/

Cafe or restaurant, sure. But sandwiches? That’s definitely not true in NY, where lots of great bagel places are also delis.

Correct. A deli makes sandwiches, and most don’t make their own bagels.

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