How to make an inside-out grilled cheese sandwich


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We simply call these Tosti in The Netherlands (perhaps more countries too.) Inside-out grilled cheese sandwich is a unnecessary gooey mouthful.


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Isn’t this basically a vegetarian Croque Monsieur?



Croque Monsieur


Great, now I’m hungry … again.


This is a great idea. Though being from CA, I like my grilled cheese made on sliced (real) sour. And of course, cheddar is awesome, but I also like swiss on my grilled cheese.


This can’t be stressed enough. When I lived on the East coast I couldn’t believe what they claimed to be sourdough. Lies!


Nothing says healthy food like Fried Cheese! But oh so Yummy…


Why am I watching this? This is the last thing I need.


Even when I moved from the Bay Area to San Diego, I was shocked at how hard it was to find decent sour (or good bread, generally). Part of that, of course, is that SF sour tastes like it does because of the wild yeast there. But still. I remember walking into the Vons by me when I first moved and was like “hi, where’s the fresh bread” and he pointed me to the aisle with all the stuff in plastic wrappers. Wait, no bins of local bread delivered here daily? There are more available now, though. And if I need that specific flavor, I’ll go to Boudin. But that means I have to go to the mall in Mission Valley. It’s good bread, though.


Havarti makes a nice creamy melted cheese, and is excellent with cheddar. And the absolutely best thing is basically put enough butter in the pan than you are essentially deep frying the damn sandwich in butter.


We had to dig down seven years to find an entertaining video on YouTube?


while i love sharp cheddar, the correct answer is ALL CHEESES WELCOME. i mean, it’s called “grilled cheese,” not “grilled sharp cheddar cheese.”


Now do it in a waffle maker.

at a hotel.


Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute. Is that zucchini inside a croque monsieur? Sacrilège !


change your handle to SuperGenius!
(the waffle maker part)


I love Chef John and Food Wishes!



(1) Brush bread with liquid margarine (or butter) insert bread buttered side up and buttered side down into this little doodad with a piece of cheese between (on the unbuttered side) the two slices…wait 4 minutes and decant onto your plate.
(2) Garnish with bread and butter pickle spears and Lays plain chips. Tomato soup is an enticing option.
(3) Fight off the interlopers with one hand while enjoying cheesy goodness with the other. Take no prisoners.


I have since graduated to this other type of sandwich machine. Why?
Because CUBANS!

Cubans are the natural order of progression from ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches.
There’s a sandwich shop not far from me where the actual grandmotherly type behind the counter takes 10 minutes to assemble a roast pork and cheese cuban that is, as far as I know, the world’s best sandwich.
Everyone I know who has ever ordered one swears they cannot go back to mere grilled cheese. Not ever.
It’s like finding the Holy Grail and then having to settle for a Dixie cup (one of the little ones).


This is obviously not the ultimate grilled cheese, because it only has cheese inside the bread and outside the bread. But there’s all that other not-cheese stuff in between! We can do better.

Replace the white bread (gack) with cheese bread. Now there is cheese inside the bread, AND outside the bread, AND within the very fabric of the bread itself.

You are welcome.