Enjoy this oddly satisfying video of grilled cheese being made


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Oh. My. Cheesy goodness.


That’s not a grilled cheese sandwich surely? It’s fried cheese sandwich.


for it to be fried cheese…the cheese would have to hit the griddle directly.


I have a friend who devotes much of his Facebook feed to delicious cheese concoction videos. This is not healthy for me as I following a diet with no dairy. Damn it looks good.


So its fried sandwich with cheese then?
I see the bread is fried in butter.


Any time you stove-top grill a sandwich you are going to butter the bread. You need the fat to properly toast it and form that crust. Its a cheese sammich…and its grilled on a griddle.

I am not sure if you are just being snarky/sarcastic or genuinely are not familiar with a Grilled Cheese.


Spotted in Camden Town Market:

Next time I go to London I think I’ll visit this place every lunchtime.


I’ve always wanted to own a diner, just so I could put “Real Fake Grilled Cheese Sandwich” and “Fake Real Grilled Cheese Sandwich” on the menu. The first would be an American cheese slice on Wonder Bread, griddled in margarine. The second would be some artisanal concoction made with fancy bread, schmantzy cheese and imported butter.


The second concoction would be sourdough bread with Irish butter, and a cheese filling of shredded aged sharp cheddar and brie with grated shallots and a touch of Dijon mustard. If you are feeling a little cheeky add in some shaved aged Gruyere too.

That is my go to “adult” grilled cheese sammich. Most people of course all love the standard white bread and american cheese version.

I want to try this version from Chef…


GIVE ME ALL OF THEM!!! damn that’s sexy as F.


“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. Hunter . . .”

(I didn’t ask if those were real sandwiches sacrificed for marketing purposes, or totally amazing plastic replicas. Either way, damn!)


Whoa…I need a cigarette…


That’s surprisingly close to my recipe. Unsalted butter, sourdough bread, Gruyere, and shallots. It’s good with a homemade sausage and potato soup.

AKA the Chilled Grease Sandwich.

Keep in mind you can make any cheese into American cheese by melting it in boiling condensed milk and then adding gelatin.


I’d argue daily they create a fresh one for display.


Yeah, it may be processed grossness in many ways. But I’ll admit…rainy day, feeling down, under the weather…give me one of those white bread american cheese grilled cheese sammy with some campbell’s tomato soup.


The Fat Shallot food truck in Chicago has a to-die-for grilled cheese: Muenster cheese melted between slices of sourdough with sautéed spinach and caramelized onions (strangely, NOT caramelized shallots).

I’m with you, though: Dijon mustard with cheese is a match made in heaven.


Was it as good for you as it was for me?


see you lost me with the spinach. Don’t get me wrong, I love my greens…but when I am having a grilled cheese I will allow any pig products and the occasional tomato. (shallots/onions should be macerated in for flavor).


Totally possible.

Do we have any London residents here who could do some research? I’ll PayPal the cost of a sandwich and Tube fare if you do us some research and chat up those guys.