Toastabags: make a near-perfect grilled cheese sandwich


My God. Really?

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When is @tropo’s birthday?


Medium Darkness Setting? HUH?

If they could make a toaster that actually keeps a temp correct after being used a year or so those setting might mean something.

Every toaster I’ve ever had…and I’ve had a few. Eventually degrades into having two settings…burned and cremated.

You have to constantly check the toast to make sure it’s ‘toast’ and not charcoal.

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This doesn’t make grilled cheeses, it makes toast with melted cheese on it.

SO not the same thing.


i can’t imagine why i would buy a toaster.

i guess they’re warm, so if your armpits are cold, you could help yourself out with a toaster.

they might make a decent bed warmer if the toaster is really long.

for the love of god, make your grilled cheese in a pan. if you don’t like pans, make them in a panini press. both are far, farrrrrr more useful.


You haven’t lived until you’ve had boiled cheese sandwiches.

I like to make mine sous vide.


LOL. (post must be six characters) +1.

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Well, if you like grilled cheese but are trying to reduce butter in your diet, these could be handy.

“trying to reduce butter in your diet”

no idea how it got there. i don’t even like butter.


We are talking about grilled cheese sandwiches, right?


“sans butter”

Well, there’s your problem.



Because buttering a slice of bread on one side, slapping it in a pan on medium heat for 30 seconds, sandwiching cheese and other fixing betweeen it and another buttered slice of bread, and flipping the whole thing over to grill the other side for another 30 seconds is just too damn hard.


you do it with cheese and bread. there’s no butter in a toaster, unless you’re into buying a toaster every couple of months.

grrr… huff…

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Does it strike anyone else as strange - given BB’s predilection toward DIY and Maker culture - that so many of the ads we get are for the kind of absurd “convenience” devices and luxury appliance crapola that you’d expect out of a SkyMall catalog?


They know what side of their toast is buttered.


It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with sponsorship. Every last one of them has a kitchen the size of the Taj Mahal.

Also, try frying both sides open-face in a covered pan. The cheese melts faster.

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no butter? no point.
i don’t pan fry… but i do use my toaster oven.
i’ve never understood the need for a toaster when a toaster oven does the same thing and more.

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2 reasons toasters are required:

  1. pop tarts
  2. easy and dramatic suicide

PS: I don’t want woven fiberglass near my food.