Having fixed Twitter, Musk now eyeing Manchester United F.C.

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“Whoever wins, we lose.”

Edit to add:
I knew that there were a lot if English football clubs with foreign owners, but I didn’t realize that basically all of them were foreign-owned. This is just weird to me:


They’re still around? Imagine that.

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I think I hear Man City, Liverpool and Leeds United fans celebrating this good news.


If he thinks the people of San Fran despise him, wait till he meets some Mancunians.


I bet he saw that Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought a football club and they made a show about it and everything thinks it’s so cool and fun, and wants to get in on the action.


and with City’s scandal/trouble looking bad for them, it’s a good time for a Spurs fan like me!
please, please let Elno “fix” man u the way he “fixed” twitter!


Didn’t he float the idea then claim he was joking? Given that the Twitter offer was a joke, I guess this means he’s actually doing it…


I remember someone saying that people in Liverpool will steal from you because you have something they don’t have and they want it. People in Manchester, on the other hand, will steal from you even if you have something they already have, because they don’t want you to have it. Mind your wallet, Elon!


I’m a Carlisle United fan (no billionaires for us, and the fans own 1/4 of the club) and part of me is worried about what happens if he doesn’t buy Man United.

I still have bad memories of Michael Knighton failing to buy Man United, coming to Carlisle, having a couple of good years, then sacking Mervyn Day when he was still popular with the fans and declaring himself manager. I dread to think what EM would do.


judging only by Elno’s previous fix, i would assume his first super genius move would be to fire the entire coaching staff so that his hands-on management style could be witnessed - in all his glorious mastery - from the pitch!
back here on earth, tho, your point is well taken as to who would likely end up buying the side should EM not do it. i certainly do not want to see any more repressive regimes trying to clean up their images through football. they already ruined the world cup (along with FIFA as willing accomplices)

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If the choice is the Qataris, Skum, or Jim Ratcliffe (also sniffing around) and whatever happens is clearly going to be a vile squillionaire, then let it be Jim Ratcliffe. At least he’s a Brit and presumably has some vague understanding of British football culture.


Come on, how can you have that opinion of Musk, given all that’s happened? It’s unreasonable.

He’d fire the players.


Only after ranking them according to how many footballs they could show they’d kicked in the last month. With each foot.


Nah. Ranking them by how many field goals they kicked, along with the number of touchdowns.

* yes, I know


I heard the dreaded Michael Knighton was interested in forming a consortium to buy them recently, but he backed out.

He’s white South African. He’ll rank them by the number of tries and conversions. Marcus Rashford will be transfer listed because he keeps kicking the ball under the bar, and for woke nonsense like making sure that kids get enough to eat.

Added news source for the Michael Knighton story.


A bid from Musk would be more palatable for many than a sale to private investors from Qatar with Amnesty International recently warning it was a “continuation of this state-backed sportswashing project”.

Hmm - you could have the club run by a thin-skinned autocrat who spends any amount of money trying to salvage their irrevocably tainted reputation; ruthlessly crushing opposition all whilst claiming to be a modern progressive force for good - or you could have Sheikh - oh you’re ahead of me…

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