Having the brakes removed from your car is a personal decision



If it ain’t brake, don’t fix it.


The people who don’t get it are the ones who need it the most.


Actually, no. Real scientists will not say that. They will say, after having a good look at accident statistics of cyclists with non-functional brakes, that brakes are over-compensated safety devices. I.E. you drive much safer knowing that your brakes do not work than with working brakes. This is also known as risk overcompensation.

The same is true for bicycle lights, btw.


Brakes are pretty simple to fix. Rotors on my car are only about $20 each and the Pads about $40 for the set. You can swap it all out in about 30 minutes. Also most mechanics I’ve met are pretty reasonable and honest so long as you don’t go to a chain or a dealer.

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A very brief moment of dialog from an old TV show has been stuck in my brain for decades, and I guess it’s time to let it out:
Jed: “Jethro, I thought I told you to get rid of them brakes.”
Jethro: “I did, Uncle Jed. That’s how come we ain’t got none.”


I’m fairly solidly libertarian, but I don’t see any conflict between libertarianism and requiring vaccinations.

Yes, my freedom to extend my fist stops where your nose begins. What about when billions or trillions of my cells are shedding harmful viruses of one form or another? To the extent that I had some say over whether they would do so or not, it’s not outrageous to insist that I choose the option where they wouldn’t do that so much.

To the microbial world, humanity is one vast petri dish. Political ideals must bow before the reality of the universal smorgasbord that is nature.


Am I the only one here that thinks maybe the mechanic maybe has a fairly good point? Bringing up a correlation between brakes and crashes seems like it may be confusing cause and effect a bit. I expect there’s probably a similar correlation between crashes and airbags going off.Should they also be removed to prevent crashes? What are you supposed to do in an emergency with no brakes? Confused.

I’ve just realized this is clearly a joke post. slaps forehead


Hmmm … this is about vaccination, isn’t it?


My bicycle has brakes, but I never use 'em. They are hard to operate while I’m steering with my feet.


replacing your brake pads or rotors are some of the cheapest, simplest repairs a home mechanic can do. people just choose to get worked up about stuff.

that said, I’d love for the automatic transmission to be banned, if not outright then at least for the vehicles used to take the driving exam. The ability to adjust speed via the drivetrain is a better option when available, and understanding how to do it makes one a far better driver, IMO. If you make operating a potentially lethal device so simple an idiot can do it, they will. In other words, with a manual transmission, you are always engaged in planning ahead to adjust one’s speed, making you more mindful and engaged in driving overall. If you know how to downshift, then this mindfulness applies to slowing down as well as speeding up. Brakes bail you out of emergencies, but in combination with automatic transmissions, they also allow you to dick around on your phone etc, thereby creating an emergency, and then rely on the brake at the last possible moment. Which increases the potential for failure. Of course, since downshifting is optional on a manual, braking can still be abused, but understanding how to use gearing just for increasing speed still makes one more mindful and engaged behind the wheel.

hell, everyone who skis, snowboards, skateboards, ice skates, or rollerblades not only has a vehicle with no brakes, they don’t even have any damned steering wheels! ban everything! no fun allowed!

Edit: so… this is about libertarians and vaccines. gee, believe it or not, not everyone reads every single thing you post to determine the context when you make a joke, cory : /


If the anti-brakers win, won’t we lose herd-immobility?


I see what you did there…


Great job of fighting the absurd with the absurd…

PS I brake for the absurdity challenged





Meh. Why worry about brakes when there are people who propose eating human babies as food :-o


Haven’t you heard of ‘herd safety’? The personal decision to opt out of brakes is safe because enough other people do have them.

EDIT: Missed LemoUtan’s similar, earlier comment.


Lots of shaky logic in this one followed by advice without a solid base of research. Kinda scary when lives are involved. best example of this is the coralation between people not using brakes decades ago and less car accidents… yup he is sciencing pretty hard.

I’ve been occasionally annoying the people around me for 10 years complaining about the science illiteracy and ignorance that leads to the anti-vax movement.

But I think you’re being unfair to the position. They believe vaccination can be very harmful. They are wrong about that, but it’s going pretty far to just universally state that the State can mandate the forced injection of it’s citizens with whatever as long as it’s believed to be for the greater good.

It’s easy to make that call for this case, where we have excellent reasons to believe vaccines are safe. But once you start making laws and talking about taking away people’s rights, you have to generalize. Someone, in power, is going to decide what’s safe and worthwhile to forcefully inject and what isn’t. Someone appointed by whatever government is in power at the time.

What about some future vaccines that actually were dangerous? Imagine a hypothetical HIV vaccine that resulted in a small percentage of those vaccinated contracting HIV. Overall the percentage is small enough that the total total number of people contracting HIV would go down, but it would be completely random instead of one being able to make choices that result in better or worse odds of contracting it, like wearing condoms and not sharing needles. A large number of responsible people (or people in certain situations, like being asexual or having a single partner your whole life) would now have increased odds of contracting HIV.

It’s difficult, but I try to avoid other people’s ignorance from turning me into an authoritarian, especially when it comes to people’s bodies. That’s just abandoning a lot of good progress away from concentration of power that has resulting in a lot of horrible abuses.


Political ideas do come face to face with reality, and not just with biology. The problem is that politicians usually won’t admit it until they are actually dead. Not while there is a single undecided voter who prefers to believe some random blogger over boring old scientists.

Some years ago a study by the British Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) concluded, in short, that about 50% of people are too stupid or careless to drive safely, but fortunately the other 50% make enough allowances for them that accidents are fairly rare.